Thursday, October 12, 2017

She's here!

You may have been wondering where the 38 week update was and hoping we were doing well. Well, I didn't even get to take my 38 week photo becasue Saturday morning I went into labor! 

In case you're interested in details, I woke up around 4/5am Saturday morning with really uncomfortable back pain and nausea. But my first thought was "oh sheesh. And I just went to the chiropractor on Wednesday." But then when I woke up for the day at 6:30 the back pain was bad enough I had to breathe through it and my uterus was very tight and not letting up. I knew back labor was "a thing" so I immediately called the on-call number and then woke Dave up and told him that I was in pain and waiting for a call back from the OB's office. But he didn't really believe me and by the time I got the call back that they wanted me to go I had convinced Dave that he really needed to get the kids' breakfast ready and the van packed ready to go. (Thank goodness we got the carsest installed in the van the day before!)

My parents hadn't heard the phone ring when I called them to come watch the kids, so while Dave was getting things ready, and I was breathing through back labor and contractions I went next door to get the neighbor to watch the kids until my parents were on their way. My mom finally called back and was totally shocked and surprised when I told her it was baby time! 

When we got to the hospital (thankfully just 10 minutes away) they checked me into a room to monitor contractions. This made me nervous becasue I know the danger of uterine rupture when contracting and being in active labor for too long with a TAC (my permanent cerclage). Since I wasn't having measurable contractions I was nervous that they would try to send me home, but I KNEW this was different becasue I was having to breathe through the pain. But then when I went to the bathroom there was blood and my OB was the doctor on call and she knows about my TAC, so despite only one official contraction showing up on the monitor, since I was already 38 weeks and had bleeding it was going to be baby's birthday! And that I'd be prepped and ready to go back for the c-section within an hour! I'm telling you, going into labor on a Saturday morning after a full nights' sleep when no one is scheduled for an induction or c-section (since it's the weekend) is the ideal time to do it! 

I hadn't done a great job of mentally, emotionally, or even physically preparing for what a c-section would be like since I was so focused on her being ok the whole pregnancy so it immediately got real! 

The started the prep process and dave and I prayed and my mom stopped by to bring some things we forgot to pack. But she was right, and within the hour I was wheeled back to the operating room, with ALL the adrenaline pumping! 

I had to be in there without Dave for about 15 minutes while I got the epidural and spinal (ouch!) and then Dave got to come in with the camera while the actual c-section was done. He couldn't look behind the camera until they actually pulled her out, and the staff gave him a nice warning to get the camera out. So he had the camera ready to shoot while he watched her with his own eyes.

I was crying this whole time, because of all the overwhelming emotions but I will say the moment I heard her cry was a moment I will never forget. It was the biggest sense of relief I had ever felt in my life. The most beautiful sound. 

Dave got to watch them clean her up and then they put her on my chest for several minutes. I couldn't see anything except pink, wrinkly skin but there she was. Breathing on my chest. 

Then while they finished sewing me up Dave went with the nurses to get her weighed and measured. She was 7lbs 1oz and 19.5oz! 

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity and emotions, attempts to breastfeed, and the kids coming to meet her. 

We didn't announce right away because we hadn't decided on a name. We had our top 3 but she didn't "speak" to us about which one was her until Monday. And not officially until Tuesday. But here she is, Sonia Jane! 

More to come. We are now home and doing well. Tired, recovering from a c-section, and emotional. (The buddy is sick so that's no fun), but we are here and grateful and adjusting. 


  1. Aw congratulations, this is wonderful news!! Beautiful baby and name :)

  2. Eeek! So excited to hear the report! What wonderful, wonderful news! And her name is beautiful!

    Hope the little man gets better soon and doesn't pass it along. Dealing with sick toddlers while recovering from major surgery sounds super unfun...add in a brand new baby, and that sounds exhausting! Prayers for lots of health and rest for everyone!

  3. I am SO HAPPY for you guys!!!! Sonia is just beautiful! Hope you're all settling in well.


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