Thursday, July 13, 2017

25 weeks!

 So, I know I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow, so I'm very late to post this, but better late than never?

We had a wonderful week last week with extended family in town! My sister and her husband and their two girls were in town, and I can say with confidence that Sweet P doted on their baby girl like crazy. She asked about her every single time we got her up from nap or in the morning. She misses her cousins!

We also got to see both sets of my grandparents within a week's time, and my cousin, his wife and my uncle! It was so great! But, needless to say, it was exhausting. We had such a blast and it was so wonderful to see everyone, but I think I realized I'm an introvert in this phase of life, needing some more quiet time to recharge, and there wasn't as much of that as usual. Hence why this post is several days late. I have added napping back into my life too. I hadn't taken a nap since first trimester, but I think I'll be having them more regularly now.

The day I turned 25 weeks baby wasn't quite as active as she had been in the previous week, so of course I freaked out. The OB's office saw me that afternoon and did a Non-Stress-Test. That means they hook up your belly to a heartbeat monitor to measure baby's continuous heartbeat and movement for 20-30 minutes. They want to see variations of heartbeat to show baby is active, and she did wonderfully, reassuring us that she's doing just fine in there. The nurse reassured me that at this gestation, as long as I feel daily movement at some point, that's totally fine. Some days she will rest more and some days she will move more. And that's ok. But, of course, it's practically impossible not to worry.

Monday, when I went to get my progesterone shot, the nurse told me I failed the 1-hr glucose test (to see if I have gestational diabetes). Ugh! I actually cried when she told me. I feel like the emotions and physical demands of pregnancy after loss are similar to walking around carrying a gigantic beach ball that's really hard to hold. By carrying it around I'm just barely hanging in there. But, the thought of adding the additional stress of diabetes seemed like too much. I know in my head that it's usually well managed with diet and regularly taking blood sugar levels throughout the day, but the idea is a bit overwhelming. 

Since Monday I've tried to eat like I already have GD (so no more ice cream and much reduced carbs), just in case I have it. But, tomorrow I go in for the 3-hr test. This means I need to fast after midnight tonight, get my fasting blood sugar level taken at the OB's office, then chug a giant drink of 50-100mg of sugar (WHAT!?) and then stay at the doctor's office for 3-3.5 hours while they check my blood sugar 3 more times. I feel like I'll be lucky if I don't throw up from that! I won't get the results until Monday or Tuesday of next week, but do say some prayers that I pass easily and don't have to add the worry of gestational diabetes to the list of concerns!

And tomorrow is ultrasound day! 2 weeks sure feels like a long time between ultrasounds when I've gotten used to weekly! Hoping all looks good, including cervix and fluid levels. And by tomorrow baby girl will have at least a 80% chance of survival outside the womb. Of course I'd like her to hang out in there for at least 10 more weeks, but it's still a great milestone less than 24 hours away. :) 

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  1. How did the 3 hour go? I had to do that with Oliver and it sucked!


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