Sunday, July 2, 2017

24 Weeks!

Since the day I got the phone call that my pregnancy test was positive back in February, I have been counting down to this point and it finally arrived! I was 24 weeks on Friday and that technically means viability! That's the great news! It seemed like an ETERNITY waiting for almost 5 months (literally 20 weeks) and it finally arrived. Those 20 weeks were just as eternal, if not more eternal, than I anticipated, but, I made it! haha Of course, my mind is not entirely put at east, but it is a reassuring milestone to hit and I'm grateful to be this far (and very ready to fast forward at least one month in the future barring all goes well).

My MFM (high risk OB) told me Friday that this meant that at that point if baby came early she would have at least a 50% chance of survival and that every day that number goes up by 2%. But, he also said that based on the ultrasound Friday there is no reason to think that something will go wrong. I sure hope he's right. My cervix looked closed and measured about 5cm, which is a great length for this gestation (I'm told).

Unfortunately it's impossible for me to totally relax and enjoy this pregnancy entirely, but I'm trying and there are good moments. This is the first week that I have felt her move every day. Yay! My OB said I should feel daily movements for sure by this point, so I'm glad that has been the case. Of course it's another thing to worry about if I haven't felt her for several hours, but I'm guessing that's something almost every pregnant woman worries about, right?

I'm grateful she's been fairly active most mornings when I first wake up and am still lying in bed. That's nice and reassuring that I've started the day with some movement. I hope she keeps it up! I told Dave sometimes when I feel quick movement/kicks from one side of the belly to the other I feel like a pinball machine. hehe

You know the saying "it takes a village"? I feel like with our family building adventure it's already so evident how true that is. With our 2 kids sleeping upstairs, before they even came home to us there was the village of their birthfamilies, our social workers, and even the government fingerprinting offices (plus tons more people that I don't have the time or energy to list)! haha And with this baby there was our fertility doctor and nurses and now my specialist, extra doctor visits, and the nurses that give me a shot, etc. and... our supportive community of family and friends! It means so much to go to church and have people tell me they pray for me and this baby every single day. One particular mom (who lost her daughter to a heart condition at just a few months old and really 'gets' it) cheers me on every Sunday and says she's so happy to see we've made it another week. Last Sunday I had two different priests come up to me and say a quick prayer for the baby and offer words of encouragement. It's really, really nice to hear gentle words of support and prayer without offering empty promises that no one can guarantee. I feel very grateful for our church and the community of kind and wise hearts and spirits.

And last but not least, a precious ultrasound photo. It may look kind of creepy as ultrasound pictures often do, but Dave said on the high resolution screen he could really tell that she was opening and closing her eyes here so it was almost like she was looking right at us! The screen I was looking at wasn't quite so clear, but it's cool he got to see that.

Of course, I'm still praying daily nothing goes wrong for at least 4 more weeks. I told Dave today that if I make it to 28 weeks I think I'll want to finally start planning for a baby to come home. Of course I still also have moments of intense panic where my brain is convinced something has or is about to go wrong. I worry about every little thing that feels different or new or uncomfortable and wonder if it's worth a call to the doctor or not. And some days I just wait anxiously for 9pm, since it's the earliest I can get into bed and end the worries of the day. Every day I'm still pregnant feels like something to be grateful for at this point and closer to a higher survival rate should something go wrong.

And this time I don't have an ultrasound until 26 weeks! Eek! I know it's good since weekly ultrasounds throughout a pregnancy would be unnecessary, but I'm already counting down for 12 days until we see her again and hopefully get confirmation that all is doing well!


  1. YES! Woooo! What a HUGE milestone! Praying that these twelve days go by quickly!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful milestone!!! I'm so happy she is wiggling and growing!

  3. Woo hoo!!! I've been waiting for this post! :) I love her ultrasound picture! She looks like she's smiling!

  4. Good news, Just continue with the grace that you have been.
    Blessings, this is a good day! ❤ jan

  5. I'm catching up on the last 3 weeks of your blog and am THRILLED you passed that 24 week milestone! WOOHOO!!! Twenty-eight weeks, here we come! ❤️

  6. Catching up.... prayers and a "yes!" Bring on the good reports! Peace friends!


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