Thursday, May 25, 2017

18 weeks

Tomorrow I will be 19 weeks, so I'm a little late to this weekly update, but so be it.

I'm seriously in the countdown now. Today I'm exactly 6 days from the gestation when my water broke last time so anxiety is high. I know that will continue as I (hopefully without incident please God!) live out the days between my PPROM and Miriam's birth/death gestation at 21w1.

Until then I'm attempting to be busy and counting down all the days to every appointment. I feel like when I've seen "pregnancy update" blogs before they do cutesy things like what the mom is craving or how her clothes fit, etc., but I just can't make myself go there yet. Hopefully once I get to 24 weeks I'll feel more "cutesy" about this pregnancy. And hopefully I GET to 24 weeks! It's just 5 weeks from tomorrow but seems like an eternity!

Good news from this week! We did the anatomy scan on Monday at 18w3d and baby girl looks great! All the measurements looked good, and so did my amniotic fluid level and cervix. Every time we leave our weekly appointments Dave and I just talk about how grateful we are for our doctors and how close they are to us (10 minutes in traffic). And I'm TOUGH on my doctors. :)

Here are the photos of our little girl from the anatomy scan! Isn't she just so cute? ;-) And if you're curious about names, many have been discussed and nothing has been decided. With all 3 other kids we were in a total time crunch and we're happy with all the names we chose, so I have a feeling we won't settle on anything until we absolutely have to. Please God let that be at least 4 months from now! 

Cute, little profile

Open mouthed smile!

Left foot

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  1. Precious, precious! Praying for you CONSTANTLY!!!!


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