Thursday, February 4, 2016

We're Still Here!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm the worst blogger! Eek!

I am awful at checking blogs and even worse at writing them. :/ I didn't realized exactly how bad it was until I saw that I hadn't posted since October. Sheesh! That's almost 4 months now! Almost 1/3 of a year. That's just plain embarrassing.

But, we are here and doing well. Holidays were crazy, jobs are busy and kids are time consuming, but we are doing so well. I recently had a very close friend ask how I was really doing and I answered with "grateful". I feel so grateful for both of our kids, our new home, jobs with good insurance, etc. There was quite some time I never thought we would get here (especially the good health insurance part... haha). We spent YEARS waiting and praying for Dave to have a full-time job, waited for kids (not as long as some, but it obviously wasn't an easy process), spent over a year looking for a home, dealt with pretty frustrating health/tummy issues with Sweet P (we are making lots of progress but it's still SLOW), and being on the 'other side' of several of these trials we are so, so grateful.

But, I do know that life is not designed for my comfort, so I know more trials await us in the future. But, today, I am grateful. Both kids are (mostly) sleeping all night and (finally) going to bed at a reasonable hour. Yay! This is much progress, especially considering how I kind of thought I would never sleep again during Sweet P's colic phase.

So, nothing terribly exciting has happenned in the time I haven't blogged. I would like to share more about our journey with the GAPS diet for Sweet P, and share some sweet photos from Christmas and our recent trip to the beach (Can I just say that I LOVE it when family moves to great vacation spots!), but for today this update will have to do. :)

I know there aren't many people that follow our blog anymore, but I know there are those of you out there still waiting for so many things in your life, and I'm still thinking about and praying for you all whenever you come to mind (which is often!).

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