Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sweet P at 1 Year Old!

I’m officially almost 2 months late on this update. Have I mentioned that having a preschooler, a toddler, and 3 work-from-home jobs is a bit time consuming?
Sweet P is such a happy and sweet little girl, and her one year birthday celebration was such a gift! After such a rough start and and all of her tummy issues over the course of the past year, celebrating this milestone with her was such a celebration! Along the way there were emotional days where I thought there might never be an end to the screaming, food issues, and sleeping poorly and getting to one year old seemed impossibly far away. But, it came and she is rocking one year old like a pro.
IMG_6168 - Version 2
Weight & Length: Sweet P 22lbs and 3oz (70th percentile) and 29.2″ tall (23rd percentile). Her most impressive statistic is that her head is 47 cm, keeping her in the 93rd percentile for head size. 
Sleeping: We made so much progress by one year! Sweet P is taking two predictable naps and usually sleeping through the night. It would take her about 30 minutes to calm down enough to sleep for her naps and at bedtime, but since she still sleeps at least an hour and a half for each nap and her only occasional night wakings were for a pat on the back and pacifier, we are quite happy! She’s still a night owl and sleeps from about 9pm-8am, with naps around 10am and 2:30pm.
Here is my beef cube “cake” with coconut milk kefir “frosting.” She loved it!
Eating: Sweet P made so much progress between 9 and 12 months! She has beef broth, beef, pork broth and pork, coconut milk kefir, breastmilk, and cod liver oil. This is not much variety for most one year olds, but it’s a lot when just a few months ago I couldn’t imagine her tolerating any solids at all! I was able to make a beef birthday “cake” with coconut milk kefir “frosting” which she devoured. I will share more about her progress with the GAPS diet in an upcoming post.
Clothing: Sweet P now wears all 18 month clothes. The pants might be a bit long, but they fit everywhere else.
Personality: Sweet P really deserves her code name of “Sweet P!” She is SO sweet and loves to cuddle and give us hugs. She also loves holding, feeding, and kissing her baby dolls. One of her favorite things is climbing into Little Piñata’s bed when we get him up from his nap and snuggling with him. I will say that when she’s not happy, or has a toy taken away, she still has quite the high pitched scream. You know your child has a high scream when hearing the sound of a siren makes you think your baby has woken up from their nap.
Milestones & Firsts (since 9 months):
-First plane ride
-Started clapping
-Mastered pulling up, even in a sleep sack!
-Stands independently for several seconds
-Started waving
-Replaced scooting with crawling
-Tried and succeed for the first time with solid food! (Beef, pork, and coconut milk kefir)
-Started cruising
-First Halloween (our little Piglet) & Thanksgiving
-Transitioned to a sippy cup from a bottle during the day
-Mastered pincer grasp with solid food

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