Tuesday, February 16, 2016

December Photos!

So, just a couple of months late, here are some pictures from our fun-filled December! I accidentally uploaded them in the wrong order, so here we are starting at the end of December instead of the beginning. Whooops! :)

It was a really fun Christmas with both kids. PLUS, we celebrated Sweet P's first birthday! What a year it has been. I had lots of "what last year was like" thoughts as we prepared for her birthday and Christmas, knowing that we didn't even know about her last year the first week of her life. She has sure had some trials this year, but we are so grateful that she is our daughter! More than a year later it still seems unreal that we have two (great!) kids! 
Super Hero Cousins! 
Our Sweet P LOVES babies. Here she is feeding one of Christmas gift baby dolls. 
Christmas gift hat and gloves! (And another baby doll)
Precious photo of the buddy with Uncle Adam
His easel was a great gift for Nana and Papa!
The buddy's first Christmas program! He was a sheep!
I had forgotten how warm it was this Christmas! I can't believe we were wearing short sleeves on Christmas Eve!
This was a top gift for sure. With all the broth I make for Sweet P for her diet, this large stock pot has been a life saver! 
Opening gifts
The buddy and his grandpa are big basketball fans. So, he got a "fathead" of Steph Curry for his wall.
Family date to the Nutcracker! The buddy LOVED it! 
Sweet P's birthday "cake"
How in the world is she already one!?
This sweater was made for Dave by his aunt when he was a kid! 
Christmas lights! (with our adorable sheep baby)
Santa wasn't the biggest hit ever. haha
I couldn't resist posting this sweet photo of these two. :)

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