Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweet P at 4 months

Our sweet little girl has turned 4 months and is as happy as a clam! I feel like we have gotten to the "sweet spot" of babyhood. We are past colic and tummy issues and her reflux is now well managed with medication. Hooray! And since nap training, she's sleeping better both day and night. Even better! So, this girl spends her days eating, sleeping, smiling, playing and is still yet to be mobile and getting into everything. Hence, the "sweet spot."

It's so fun to see your baby get more interactive, but I know once she gets moving there will no longer be the option of leaving her in one spot to go to the bathroom in peace. So, I'm really enjoying this phase while it lasts. (I'll enjoy the next one too, but it will just be different).


Weight & Length
: At her 4 month appointment Sweet P was 13 lbs, 11oz. She was in the 50th percentile, which we've never seen before since the buddy was always a little guy. She's not as tall, at 23.5", she's in the 22nd percentile. She's a growing girl with adorable rolls, pudge, and a roly, poly chin that needs to be washed at every bathtime (she gets so much lint in the rolls of her chin. ha!).

: I can't believe I get to say this, but she is sleeping like a pro! After we did nap training she now has three 1.5 hour naps a day and a short 30-45 catnap in the evening. As she turned 4 months she did have a night or two of sleeping through the night (from 9pm-6am or so), but we were just so grateful that overall she was having just one night waking and when we put her to bed for the night around 9pm that she actually stayed asleep for more than 45 minutes. This was definitely a month of sleep progress which has made the whole family happier and better rested.


: Since discovering her dairy intolerance, Sweet P has mostly been on Alimentum hypoallergenic formula. But, we were able to find a couple of breastmilk donors who are dairy-free, so she is getting about 1/3 of her daily ounces of milk from breastmilk, which is such a gift! She eats 5 times a day and generally once at night, for a total of 25-30 ounces a day. I'm so, so grateful that feedings are no longer uncomfortable for her. Thank goodness for Prevacid and going dairy free!

: Sweet P is wearing size 3-6 month clothes.

: This girl has the sweetest personality. She loves to give us big, cheesy grins and even some giggles. We can already tell she loves her big brother and is fascinated by his wildness and craziness. She's obsessed with putting her hands in her mouth and drools like crazy so we wonder if she will be getting some teeth before too long. She does get pretty angry and frustrated at tummy time, which contributes to why she hasn't rolled over yet and she also doesn't love riding in the car, so napping in the car doesn't happen anymore, which is unfortunate. Her favorite time of day is bathtime and she kicks her legs and points her toes, so we're thinking she has a future as a swimmer or a ballerina. She also loves snuggles and reaching out to us while we're changing her diaper, so she's a total sweetie!

Milestones & Firsts
-Discovered her dairy intolerance and trying formula for the first time
-Started "standing" with help and putting weight on her feet
-Started grabbing for us when getting her diaper changed
-Started sleeping in her Rock & Play at bedtime instead of needing to be held and rocked for 3 hours at bedtime. Yay!
-Started grabbing our hands while we feed her the bottle
-First Easter
-First real cold... yuck!
-Had her first baby-sitter besides grandma
-First technical "sleeping through the night" without a feeding (just needed her pacifier once or twice)