Friday, March 27, 2015

Sweet P at 3 Months

We made it to 3 months! I feel like the past 3 months of our lives have been a total blur. Sweet P is so very sweet, but also very difficult to figure out. The past 3 months have been a lot of trial and error, trying to figure out how to help her eat and sleep better and then wondering where the time went! There are days where I feel like I'm getting better adjusted to having two small children and then other days where I call Mr. Piñata at work crying and wondering when he will come home. Two kids is serious business. And when one of them poses a few extra challenges, it's even more exhausting! I wondered if I should really post about the difficulties we've had, but decided it's better to share so that if others are going through the same they will not feel so alone!


Weight & Length: I'm not really sure about either of these, especially when she officially turned 3 months, but at 2.5 months she was 10lbs 11oz, so she had officially more than doubled her birth weight!

Sleeping: We have continued with the Baby Whisperer routine of "Eat, Play Time, then Sleep", during the day, but not as smoothly as it was in her first 2 months. She was harder to get to sleep (needed a whole lot of bouncing, shushing, patting, etc.) until we extended her wake time to an hour and 15 minutes right before she turned 3 months old. So, thankfully that part of daytime sleeping is easier. However, the 45-minute intruder is here in full force! It used to happen occasionally, but now she is up at the 45-minute mark at just about every nap. I know this is developmental, but I want to help her not be a chronic 45-minute napper her whole baby/toddler hood, so I try to get her back to sleep to sleep a little longer. This is successful about half the time, and even when successful she finishes the second half of her nap in the swing. 

Night sleep is still something we're working on. Her lingering colic symptom is that she needs to be rocked after her bedtime bottle for an hour or two. But, right at turning 3 months she would let us set her in her Rock & Play for about 30 minutes, but then she would need to be held and rocked again until we feed her one last time (a Dream Feed usually around 10). She would often sleep until 2-3am, and then sleep again until 7, which was awesome when it happened, but would still have some nights with 2 feedings in there. Thankfully there has not been any more 2am nights since 2 months when we developed the system of just rocking her through her fussy period and didn't try putting her down.


Eating: At the beginning of March, Sweet P had her tongue tie and lip tie released. This meant a few very fussy days as she recovered (and some pretty intense screaming at night, poor girl), but within 3-7 days of her surgery she was eating much better. Previously she was taking in so much air that her feeds were taking forever and she was so, so difficult to burp and seemed very uncomfortable through most of her feeds. Thankfully, since the procedure feeding hasn't been quite so hard! She has been exclusively fed from donated breastmilk, so we are now in the process of seeing if her lingering colic and fussiness will be alleviated by a gentle formula or even dairy-free formula, but it looks like that will be our challenge going into her 4th month, figuring out for sure what she can eat.


Clothing: She still fits in some of her 0-3 month clothes, but overall she's a solid 3-6 month clothes girl now! Personality: This poor girl had a rough first 2 months, but after her tongue-tie release, she's less fussy and more able to share her personality. She's definitely quieter than Little P ever was, and absolutely loves taking in her surroundings. She is unsure of new people holding her, but doesn't mind studying them. She loves to smile when we make funny faces or voices and she is so patient when Little P is "playing" with her (by shoving various toys in her face, ha!). I can't wait to see how these two grow together over the years. I think they are going to be very good buddies!

Milestones & Firsts:
First visit to church
Starting batting and kicking toys in her play gym
Started reaching for her legs and feet
Started grabbing toys
Starting holding her head up much stronger

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