Monday, January 26, 2015


In the past few weeks I have had several blog post ideas. I also have wanted to write about what the transition has been like, etc., but there has truly been no time.

Also, we have been totally exhausted. The transition from one to two kids has been harder than I/we anticipated and made more difficult because of our total inability to prepare ahead of time. And then further complicated by sickness. So, it has been hard.

But, I haven't wanted to write that. I hate complaining about it at all because we wanted this for so long. And I also feel like people will remind me of that. The first person I semi-complained to in real life said, "well, you WANTED kids this close together, so no complaining!" So, I haven't said anything.

But, it's hard and exhausting. Especially once the buddy got sick and was up in the night and Dave was out of town. (Thankfully his mom was here to help!) 

But, we are grateful. The fact that it's hard doesn't take away from us being grateful. There are enough "handprints" of God on our sweet girl and the situation that remind us that both of our kids were meant to be here with us. But, we're so tired and busy that we haven't had any time to reflect, appreciate, or sit in wonder at the events of the past month. We didn't even know about our sweet girl a month ago! So, it has been a whirlwind.

But, we're still here. Everyone is alive. And thankfully now everyone is healthy. :) And I will post more cute things as I start to get a handle on our new life.

Thank you all for the encouraging words and prayers! 

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  1. Ughh. I hate that. Like somehow wanting a child, or waiting through infertility means that you can never complain. Like only fertile women are allowed to be tired and anyone who struggled with infertility has to be 1,000% grateful all. the. time. Glad to hear that everyone is healthy and doing well.


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