Friday, January 30, 2015

Our Sweet P (blog nickname) at 1 Month!

When we brought the buddy home over 2.5 years ago we had to write monthly updates for our agency. Even though it seemed kind of stressful at the time to sit down and write it all out, it really was a great opportunity to check out milestones each month and make a record of how much he had grown and changed. The agency that placed us with Sweet P doesn't have the same requirement, but I'd like to do the same again! Of course, I'm a full week behind, but at least she isn't two months old yet, so I'm not yet that behind.

Weight & Length: We had a check-up 4 days before she turned one month old and she was 20 inches long (up from 18.5) and weighed 6lbs 15oz (up from 5lbs 5oz at birth), so she's growing like a weed!  IMG_4799

Sleeping: Little PiƱata was such a good sleeper from the beginning, so figuring out sleep for our little girl has been more of a challenge than it was the first time around. She naps well in the morning and early afternoon, but hardly sleeps much at all from about 5pm until 11pm or so, and then she sleeps in 4 hours stretches between feedings the rest of the night, so that's exciting! I'm grateful for the longer stretches in the night, but I'm hoping we can figure out a way for her to sleep well in the evening so I can start going to bed earlier. 

Eating: Sweet P's diet the first 2 weeks of life was soy formula they started her on in the NICU. However, she seemed pretty uncomfortable eating it from the time we brought her home, so we quickly switched to donated breastmilk! We have had donations from a handful of amazing women, and one woman who has given over 500 oz and plans to give more! So, we are very grateful to be well stocked for now. Little P has 8 feedings a day, usually taking 3-4 ounces at a time, so she's a good eater, which would explain the good weight gain!


Diapers: Sweet P started in Preemie diapers, but at about 2 weeks old moved up to the newborn size, which she was in the rest of her first month. Clothing: We never had any preemie sized clothing, so our sweet girl went from swimming in her newborn sized clothes to fitting in them perfectly. 

Personality: It's so amazing how babies have their own little personalities right from the start! We kind of missed out on the first 9 days of her life, but were told she had a strong personality and was quite stubborn. We can kind of see this. If she doesn't want to sleep she does not want to sleep. But, when she's awake she is just the sweetest. She has made amazing eye contact from the start and loves staring at our faces, which is just so sweet. She definitely has her fussy moments where she wants thing "just so", which has led us to determine she's more of a sensitive baby ('touchy' baby in the "Baby Whisperer" personality types). 

Milestones & Firsts: Sweet P had all kinds of firsts this months, like first time meeting her family, going to the doctor, trying breastmilk, getting pictures taken, etc., but that would be long and tedious to share. But, some of the milestones for one month olds include smiling and making good eye contact, and she does both of those well! 

Monday, January 26, 2015


In the past few weeks I have had several blog post ideas. I also have wanted to write about what the transition has been like, etc., but there has truly been no time.

Also, we have been totally exhausted. The transition from one to two kids has been harder than I/we anticipated and made more difficult because of our total inability to prepare ahead of time. And then further complicated by sickness. So, it has been hard.

But, I haven't wanted to write that. I hate complaining about it at all because we wanted this for so long. And I also feel like people will remind me of that. The first person I semi-complained to in real life said, "well, you WANTED kids this close together, so no complaining!" So, I haven't said anything.

But, it's hard and exhausting. Especially once the buddy got sick and was up in the night and Dave was out of town. (Thankfully his mom was here to help!) 

But, we are grateful. The fact that it's hard doesn't take away from us being grateful. There are enough "handprints" of God on our sweet girl and the situation that remind us that both of our kids were meant to be here with us. But, we're so tired and busy that we haven't had any time to reflect, appreciate, or sit in wonder at the events of the past month. We didn't even know about our sweet girl a month ago! So, it has been a whirlwind.

But, we're still here. Everyone is alive. And thankfully now everyone is healthy. :) And I will post more cute things as I start to get a handle on our new life.

Thank you all for the encouraging words and prayers! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a..... baby!

GUYS! In case you hadn't heard through the grapevine.... We are a family of FOUR! EEEK!

Just 2 days after Christmas, we got an email from our social worker at our local agency asking us to call her ASAP. There was an exclamation point after her request to call her, so of course our blood pressure went through the roof with excitement and anticipation! After getting in touch with her we found out that our profile had been shown to a birthmother that had given birth one week ago and that she had chosen us to be the parents! We were totally shocked as this was totally out of the blue and we had absolutely no idea there were any impending situations at this agency.

The social worker asked if we could meet with the birthmother on Monday and that she would have until Tuesday to decide if she wanted to move forward with us. And if she did, then the baby girl would probably be ready to leave the hospital at the beginning of the new year (maybe Friday or Saturday). So, we scheduled a meeting for Monday and held our breaths since we knew it wouldn’t be an “official match” until then.

On Monday, December 29th (our 7th Anniversary!), we got a baby-sitter for the buddy and met with the birthmother. The meeting went really well and by the end of it, we were told that not only was she ready to move forward with us, but that they had found out that morning that the baby girl was ready to be released the following morning to go home! The birthmother wanted her baby to go home with family and not go into temporary cradle care, so it was now up to us if we were ready to bring home a daughter the next day.

Considering that we had only found out about this situation just 2 days prior, we were pretty much in total shock! But, of course, that shock was mixed with pure excitement and some anxiety as well. We headed to the hospital to meet the sweet baby girl, got some instruction from the NICU nurses, and decided we definitely wanted to be the parents who brought her home the following day.

However, there was no time to sit and appreciate the excitement and blessing of this new development. My biggest concern was how unprepared we were to bring a baby home! Thankfully, with the help of family, Monday night we began the process of cleaning out Dave's office, and taking the car seat and Pack & Play down from the attic. We were up until at least 1am talking about girl names we liked and went to bed exhausted, overwhelmed, but crazily excited.

So, Tuesday morning, December 30th, we made the 1 hour drive to the hospital where our daughter was waiting for us to pick her up and bring her home. We decided on a name just in time to sign the adoption paperwork in the early afternoon and we left the hospital exhausted, excited, and honestly, in total disbelief. After the craziness of the past few days, this was when our life would really begin as a family of four. We cried tears of happiness, nervousness and honestly, tears of feeling overwhelmed on our drive home. We hadn’t had time to process what had just happened in the past 3 days and now it was time to process what it would be like to be home with our new baby and her big brother.

The icing on the cake of this story is that we had gotten a very meaningful text from a dear friend on Christmas Eve. She knew how discouraged and sad we were feeling about not yet having our next family member over the holidays, so she had spent several minutes praying for us with her kids. She told us that when they were done praying it was like she heard God say, “It’s not the end of the year yet.” When she told us this on Christmas Eve we tried to dismiss it as to not get our hopes up, but texting her the photos of us holding our daughter in the hospital with the words, “I guess you heard right” was definitely one of the sweetest ways to let someone know you’re adding a child to your family.

The amazing thing is that our sweet girl was already 3 days old by Christmas Eve. On one hand I’m sad that she is missing from our Christmas pictures this year. But, just to think, we were sad that we were missing our next child from our Christmas celebration, yet she had already arrived and was just waiting for us to get to her. And we are so, so grateful that it was us who were chosen to be her parents.