Thursday, October 16, 2014

To the Beach! Part 2

Just a few weeks after coming back from our trip to Mexico we went to the beach again with my whole family. My sister has a 9.5 month old daughter that the buddy is obsessed with, so they had a lot of fun. I'll tell you what, a beach vacation for an almost 2.5 year old is the perfect trip! He talked about "go to da beach" every day and spend hours playing in the water and sand and watching dolphins. It was a blast!

This kid sure knows how much grandma loves him

My sister and her family

What a good grandma! Helping build a sand castle!

This little guys is so grown up! :-)

The whole family


Now we'll be home for a little while, which I'm quite glad for! :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To the Beach! Part 1

Despite our discouragement on the adoption front, we have been trying to enjoy life and have some fun too!

I turned 30 over a month ago and it wasn't the most fun birthday ever just due to where I thought I'd "be" at 30. I always thought that I would have at least 2-3 kids by 30, but I have never become pregnant and we are still in the yucky waiting phase of adoption.

BUT, Dave was super sweet and went to the work of planning an all-inclusive beach vacation for us to celebrate together! Because I help my mom out with her travel business and therefore could get the travel agent rate and we had help from our parents (including frequent flyer miles), we got to go on an affordable, AWESOME trip! 

We stayed right outside of Cancun for 5 nights and it was amazing. No cooking or cleaning for four full days. And I read at least 3 books! Plus, Dave and I got some good time to spend together. Here are some photographic highlights.

They had a crazy acrobatic show IN THE POOL!

Lunch without having to leave the beach... it was awesome.

This must have been taking in the morning before all the chairs got filled up.

View from our room

We really couldn't understand this strange painting! There were TWO of them in the hotel!


A pretty relaxing trip for sure

Waiting for us in the room! This picture is making me hungry again.

 This trip was so fun and so nice. After a lot of craziness and job transitions over the past several years, it was so, so nice to relax just the two of us. This trip was such a gift!