Saturday, August 23, 2014

What's New?

Well... nothing and lots. Nothing EXCITING per se, but we're doing well.
Mostly I'm just the worst blogger ever right now! Every time I have a thought about something to blog about I just don't have the time. :/ And since the buddy is over 2 now, I'm not having the motivation to do the same kind of monthly updates I did previously. I definitely need to get into a better rhythm about this!

This summer has gone by SO quickly, but now that our travels have died down I am SO ready for the buddy's little preschool program to start! Mostly because I have 3 part-time jobs, 2 of which are done from home and I just don't have time to keep up with the house, cooking, and doing my work when he's such a busy guy! I'm really, really hopeful that he will love his new school. It starts in 1.5 weeks!

We did a good bit of traveling this summer. I'm pretty sure I posted about our visit to my sister back in June (or did I forget?), then in July we were gone for about 1.5 weeks up north to visit with both friends and family and got to stay in 2 different people's lake houses for a few days, which was awesome! The buddy got to try tubing and watching us all ski and wakeboard, which was fun.

Then, a couple of weekends ago I went up north (again) to visit some high school friends AND teach an essential oils class. It was a great weekend! It was my first long road trip just with me and the buddy and he was truly a pro. He did awesome!

And now? This is my first fall to not go to school since I was about 4 years old. Crazy! It's strange to not be going back to teaching, but since my job last year ended up not being such a great fit, I'm very grateful I'm not returning. My biggest paying job right now is part-time organization for our Children's ministry at our church, but I'm also teaching about essential oils and then teaching Spanish 2X a week at a local preschool. Once the buddy is in preschool himself 2 days a week, I think this schedule will feel just right. But for now I'm feeling very frenzied and behind in every area.

But, none of this is too exciting. So, here are some nice pictures from our summer adventures. :-)

Aunt Katie and Uncle Wade (really his first cousins once removed, but that's too complicated!)

A new friend (who he still talks about)

The buddy's first boat ride (and yes it was this chilly in July!)

He loves her and she's not sure!

Daddy driving the boat

Driving with Uncle Adam

The buddy LOVES his Nana!

At the county fair, harvesting corn of course. ;-)

And picking veggies

And milking a cow

First pony ride!

There were SO MANY tractors to sit on! It was the most exciting thing ever!

At the zoo with the buddy's buddy :-)

The spot where Dave proposed to me! This time I'm squeezing a cute "baby" boy. :-)

A friend's dad thought the buddy would love a ride on his "tractor" and he was right!

A new friend. They were SO fun together!

With my aunt and grandma... He was having more fun than it appears. :)

Oh you know? Just driving a car! ;-)

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