Sunday, August 24, 2014


I know there's been a whole lot of tough stuff in the news recently. It's overwhelming how much sadness and tragedy there is! I have felt sick to my stomach a whole lot in the past couple of weeks or so.

First there's the killing of Christians by ISIS in Iraq. The stories coming out are so graphic and upsetting. It's hard to even think about. And THEN to realize that all you can do to help these victims on the other side of the world is to pray. And it's also upsetting that it's so hard to find much information about what's really going on. My heart breaks for that whole part of the world.

And then, what has really hit close to home for me is the killing of Mike Brown. It's not surprising that our home would be affected very personally by this because we have a mixed race son who is mostly black. And to think that even in the US in 2014 there are places where there is so much hatred toward blacks that a young black man could be shot 6 times even though his hand were in the air in surrender. My heart breaks.

And to think there are people in this very country that still want to blame the victim for his own death is even more heartbreaking. Whenever I'm out in public with the buddy pretty much everyone talks about how cute and sweet and friendly he is. And I just wonder... when will go from cute to "threatening"? Sigh. This also causes me to pray a whole lot.

But, I thought I would share the articles that have been more informative and thought-provoking. I hope you take the time to read some of this and take the time to stand against the ever-troublesome racism that still haunts our country.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Event
Your white friend is telling you that white privilege is real.
America is Not for Black People - I don't like this title, but the article is so poignant.
First they came for the black people and I did not speak out 
How to be a white ally to black people I really like how this article gives us ideas of what WE can do to help with racism
Pay attention to Ferguson- some really great resources compiled by Rachel Held Evans

I know we THINK we are not racist, and that neither are our friends and/or family, but if you really think about the assumptions and judgments you make about people, you might discover you're not as free from bias as you might think.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What's New?

Well... nothing and lots. Nothing EXCITING per se, but we're doing well.
Mostly I'm just the worst blogger ever right now! Every time I have a thought about something to blog about I just don't have the time. :/ And since the buddy is over 2 now, I'm not having the motivation to do the same kind of monthly updates I did previously. I definitely need to get into a better rhythm about this!

This summer has gone by SO quickly, but now that our travels have died down I am SO ready for the buddy's little preschool program to start! Mostly because I have 3 part-time jobs, 2 of which are done from home and I just don't have time to keep up with the house, cooking, and doing my work when he's such a busy guy! I'm really, really hopeful that he will love his new school. It starts in 1.5 weeks!

We did a good bit of traveling this summer. I'm pretty sure I posted about our visit to my sister back in June (or did I forget?), then in July we were gone for about 1.5 weeks up north to visit with both friends and family and got to stay in 2 different people's lake houses for a few days, which was awesome! The buddy got to try tubing and watching us all ski and wakeboard, which was fun.

Then, a couple of weekends ago I went up north (again) to visit some high school friends AND teach an essential oils class. It was a great weekend! It was my first long road trip just with me and the buddy and he was truly a pro. He did awesome!

And now? This is my first fall to not go to school since I was about 4 years old. Crazy! It's strange to not be going back to teaching, but since my job last year ended up not being such a great fit, I'm very grateful I'm not returning. My biggest paying job right now is part-time organization for our Children's ministry at our church, but I'm also teaching about essential oils and then teaching Spanish 2X a week at a local preschool. Once the buddy is in preschool himself 2 days a week, I think this schedule will feel just right. But for now I'm feeling very frenzied and behind in every area.

But, none of this is too exciting. So, here are some nice pictures from our summer adventures. :-)

Aunt Katie and Uncle Wade (really his first cousins once removed, but that's too complicated!)

A new friend (who he still talks about)

The buddy's first boat ride (and yes it was this chilly in July!)

He loves her and she's not sure!

Daddy driving the boat

Driving with Uncle Adam

The buddy LOVES his Nana!

At the county fair, harvesting corn of course. ;-)

And picking veggies

And milking a cow

First pony ride!

There were SO MANY tractors to sit on! It was the most exciting thing ever!

At the zoo with the buddy's buddy :-)

The spot where Dave proposed to me! This time I'm squeezing a cute "baby" boy. :-)

A friend's dad thought the buddy would love a ride on his "tractor" and he was right!

A new friend. They were SO fun together!

With my aunt and grandma... He was having more fun than it appears. :)

Oh you know? Just driving a car! ;-)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Still Just Waiting

A couple of weeks ago we passed the 5 month waiting mark for our current/second adoption. I know that's not too far in and it's normal to wait 1-2 years to get matched, but with the buddy we were matched right at the 5 month mark, so it's a significant point in the timeline for me. 

Overall, we're doing really well and aren't too antsy. Yet. This time is a different kind of hard than it was last time. Last time we were waiting to become parents so the wait seemed eternal! (But of course it wasn't.) And this time our sweet buddy certainly keeps us busy. But, it also seems harder in some ways. The first time we waited we assumed it would be at least a year before we were chosen, so we weren't anxious for the phone to ring or for our social worker to email us with good news. But, this time we know what it's like to get "the call" when you've been chosen by a birthmother. So this time it seemed so likely it could happen sooner rather than later! But, it hasn't. And for various reasons, this time around we've also heard more about when our profile is being shown. We never really knew last time, so I couldn't stress about it. But, this time I DO stress about it! Every time we know a birthmother is looking at our profile, I feel glued to my computer to see if there are any email updates and I'm a lot more crushed this way since I get my hopes up that we could be bringing a baby home soon. It's kind of hard knowing that women look at us and our profile and decide they don't want us to raise their unborn baby. But, of course, we know that whoever she did pick for her precious child will be the right fit for them, and we are very happy for the couple that does get to bring home the new baby!

So, right now there really are no updates. We only waited for 5 months the first time and we will gladly wait much, much longer to have another child that is the right fit for our family. He fits in perfectly in our family, and we trust and pray that God will bring the child that is meant to be with us at the right time. But, there are tough days too. Days we worry about how the next child will fit into our family, how long we will have to wait, or what another open adoption might look like. The future is SO incredibly unknown! But, we are trying to wait patiently. It's not like we have a say in how quickly this time goes by, but we certainly have a choice in how we spend this time and we are choosing to having fun and enjoy our sweet boy every day. And don't worry. If we DO hear something, we'll be sure to keep you posted!