Sunday, April 6, 2014

A WAY Overdue Update

I feel like a million things have happened since I've updated this space! I've been meaning to write for months and would have an idea from time to time about how to share creatively, but that never got fully fleshed out. So, instead of a well-thought out and creative way of sharing what's new with us, I will just write it straightforwardly and blandly. :)

The buddy with his baby cousin
1. I know I have shared that Dave became the Interim Music Director at our church last summer after the previous Music Director left. In December they asked him to stay permanently!! Yay! But, of course since it's for the church and not for a business he wasn't able to get full-time pay or benefits until April 1st. But, now it's April 6th so that means we have health insurance!! Like, seriously good, co-pay insurance. We opened a 31 year old bottle of wine we had been saving for such an exciting occasion. Wahoo!! :-) (You may think celebrating health insurance is strange, but that would mean you've always been blessed with good health insurance, which we have not for 6 years now.)

Reading to his baby (so sweet)
So Dave now officially has a full-time long-term job for the first time in his life! We are SO excited! It's also pretty much his dream job, so we are feeling so, so grateful and blessed. Just a year ago it seemed like poor Dave would be piecing together jobs involving music and ministry forever, so we are so humbled for how God has provided in this way for him and for our family.

2. This means I don't have to keep teaching at the Preschool. Double yay! I actually LOVE my students and like the teaching and relationship part of the job, but for reasons I don't particularly want to get into (I did say this post would be bland, right?), it's just not a good long-term fit. So, by the end of May I will no longer be a classroom teacher. It's very strange since ever since I went to Preschool myself my life has revolved around the school year calendar, so this will be quite a change in the fall! I will continue to teach Spanish at a local Preschool twice a week (total of 2 hours), and will have an administrative role in our church's Children's Ministry (Sunday mornings and from home during the week), but other than that my role will be wife and mom. I honestly can't believe it. I'm so grateful and in awe.

Personally, I think this is the cutest face ever! ;-)
3. We decided to adopt again! (See? BIG changes!) We have been pursuing fertility stuff for over a year now and by December we had gotten fed up. We knew with 100% confidence that we wanted to adopt again, so once we knew that we would officially have health insurance starting in April we decided to get the paperwork rolling. Thankfully this time the paperwork hasn't been quite so time consuming as the first time. This time around we are not open to a Caucasian baby since we want a child that will be similar in race to the buddy so that he and his future sibling will be able to relate to being transracial adoptees together.

22 Months! So grown up!
4. We bought a new camera! It's our first DSLR and I LOVE it! I just keep it on automatic mode for now, but it takes WAY better photos than our old point-and-shoot, which is great as the buddy is so active now he has been just a blur in our photos for quite some time. :-) I hope to share more photos now since I have actually taken some good ones recently!

Even though I haven't been blogging I have been keeping up-to-date on so many other blogs and I know that so many others are going through hard times, so just know that I think about and pray for you all so often! I feel very humbled that we have been so blessed in this stage. So, I'm here for those of you that are currently going through trials of various kinds. I'm sending you lots of hugs!


  1. The buddy is so adorable. I just showed hub the picture of him reading and even hub agreed it is incredibly cute and he's a hard one to win over. I'm so excited for you guys to welcome another child

    1. Oh, thanks! Yeah, we're pretty impressed with his cuteness every day. I feel like he's getting cuter as he gets more of a fun personality too! :)

  2. How EXCITING! Such wonderful things unfolding for you your family! I REALLY understand the health insurance thing... I had major medical from 18 until I was 25... I NEVER went to the doctor! Celebration indeed!

    And YAY for adopting again! I'm so excited for you! I'd love to hear about your adoption... who you used, how much it cost, and how long it took. We're starting to research and it's overwhelming to say the least. I feel like a beginner all over again in the adoption world.

  3. Thanks for the update! Yay for adopting again! (so not "bland" lol)

  4. Exciting things! So happy for you guys.

  5. Loved your update! SO exciting to hear you are adopting again!! wahoo!


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