Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I'm not a very good blogger. I think of ideas, but then don't have time to write about them. And since I also blog for HelloBee now, my time is even shorter. BUT, I thought I should share about our Valentine's Day. I've seen on facebook so many romantic stories, which is great! So, here's a story of reality. :-)

This week has been pretty stressful actually. I've been coming down with a cold and for some reason each day I have felt progressively worse instead of better, despite all my natural remedy "solutions." BUT, we had found a coupon at a BBQ place for a Valentine"s Day $20 special for a rack of ribs and 4 sides, so we were pretty excited for this splurge and I'd been looking forward to it all week!

And as more of the back story, on Friday mornings my parents usually come and pick up the buddy at 7:45 and I leave for work at 8am. But, they were out of town, so the plan was for me to bring him to school with me and that Dave would pick him up by 9:30 when school starts and watch him at home. It's actually VERY nice that we can do this when we need to! Dave teaches from 8-9, but can easily get to church by 9:30 to pick up the buddy. He then "works from home," which pretty much just means "hardly works at all" on those days. :-) (Nor do I get much prep work done with him in my classroom.)

But, yesterday morning I felt awful. I knew I still needed to go to work and actually had to get there early to get everything ready for the Valentine's Day party for my students. However, I could NOT find my keys! My gut said that Dave had them (he had moved my car the day before and so I just had this feeling that he had accidentally taken both sets of keys to work with him). So, I quickly called a co-worker that lived nearby to come pick us up. Thankfully she had just passed by our neighborhood, so she turned around to get us! This meant I quickly ran upstairs to get the old carseat out of the attic. He's probably a bit too tall for it, but since there was no getting into the locked car there was nothing else I could do!

On Fridays, Dave keeps the buddy so I can teach Spanish at another local preschool, but without a car I was unable to go and had to cancel. While I was out I was also supposed to get our dinner. But alas I couldn't do that either, but was lucky to get a ride home from another co-worker. But, by the time I got home (around 3:30) I was feeling so absolutely horrible I got ready for bed and under the covers. Dave then took the buddy to get the food and run some errands so I could rest. When he got home he put the buddy to bed and then we ate our BBQ while watching the Olympics. I then got ready for bed at 8:30pm to go to bed for the night.

So, it was a bit of a crazy and unromantic day. I'm not into flowers or chocolate for Valentine's Day, but was REALLY looking forward to watching the Olympics and eating BBQ. But, that only happened for about 30 minutes before bedtime. I just hope and pray that I'll be able to rest enough this weekend to be feeling better soon. There's actually a whole lot that needs to be done and I'm just ready to feel well and be able to do it all! I'm even blogging from bed right now. ha. Plus, I feel bad that Dave has so much of the responsibility of taking care of our busy guy until I'm up for it.

So, anyway, there's a boring update from our home! I hope your Valentine's Day was more fun that ours! :)


  1. What a crazy day!!! Hope that this weekend is relaxing and you are feeling better!!

  2. You ate the Olympics? You probably won't be feeling well for a while....

    So sorry you've been sick!


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