Thursday, February 27, 2014

21 Months!

Since the buddy turned 15 months I decided to only write a "monthly" update every 3 months, which means the next update will be at 2 years old! No more counting by months then! :-)

Weight & Length: We haven't been to the doctor since his 18 month appointment, but I'm guessing he's still cruising up the 3rd percentile line. :-)

Clothing: He wears mostly 12-18 months clothes, but is in a few 24 month shirts. I'm so excited to start bringing out some of his spring clothes!

Sleeping: Can I just say that I LOVE this phase of one long nap a day!? On days I'm home with him it's so nice to get in a shower, clean up the house, and catch up on lesson plans, etc. during the 3-4 hours span of time that he's sleeping! He HAD been sleeping through the night really well, but the past 2 weeks have been rough. He's always become a horrible sleeper when teething, so that's what I suspect. It has been since September since we've had any new teeth, so I'm thinking it's about time for those 2 year molars to come in. Another frustrating development is that he often wakes up in the middle of the night to request a diaper change! I don't blame him because his diaper is usually pretty wet when we go in there and he pats his diaper and says "poop" (even though it's only wet), but I would love for him to sleep all night again! Maybe we need to start restricting his liquids near bedtime? I just hate to do that before we're even potty training.

Hanging out with a good buddy

Eating: There are days he eats a lot and days he is picky. Toddlers are interesting, aren't they? (Have I already said that a million times on here? ha!) He definitely likes his "tried and true" foods like almond butter and jelly sandwiches, applesauce and cheese sticks, but he's not that interested in new foods. I was very excited the other night though when I made taco casserole and he kept saying "yummm" when he took bites. I was so glad he liked something with foods mixed together. He usually likes all his food to be separated out. One silly thing he does with apples and oranges is chew them up, then spit them out. Does anyone else's toddler do this? It used to gross me out, but now I guess I'm used to it.

Personality: Mr. Piñata was recently talking to a few people at church who asked how Little P was doing. He said, "well, he's definitely not short on personality!" and one of the church's nursery workers replied with, "That's for sure!" When he's happy he's ecstatic and when he's sad he's having a meltdown. At least we always know how he really feels. But, he's truly a sweet, sweet kid. He loves to hug and kiss his stuffed animals (and people he loves), tickle his friends at school (ha!), look at books and point out everything he knows on the page, use his pleases and thank yous, and take baths. He literally cries whenever he has to get out of the bath. Maybe we have a future swimmer on our hands? He's also interested in all things related to transportation, like trucks, airplanes, wheels and busses. He loves basketball, playing catch and is obsessed with Elmo and Curious George. But, mostly Elmo. :-)

Enjoying his spaghetti

Milestones & Firsts: Since 18 months he's mostly just developing more of his personality, using a whole lot more words (enough that I don't even keep track of them anymore), and having more conversations. He's started using "yeah" to answer questions instead of just "not" all the time.  He's also starting to put words together, which is exciting. Today on our walk we passed a house with two dogs and he said, "two doggies" and pointed at them. I pretty much squealed in delight and immediately called Mr. Piñata. We're totally "those" parents. Other than vocabulary and personality, he's running around, climbing, dancing, singing, getting up and down the stairs and his highchair by himself, stacking blocks, starting to scribble more with crayons, and getting practice wiping his nose with a tissue and putting it in the trash. He's so full of energy and fun and is such a joy! We're definitely very grateful to be his parents!


  1. He is so cute. I love your updates! I can't believe he's so big now :)

  2. So, so cute!! I miss him lots!!

  3. Sweet - I like reading all the details. And I love that pic of him with his buddy. ;)


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