Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013 in Photos

Opening gifts on Christmas morning
Dave's mom and step-dad came to celebrate with us!

New toy & snack at the same time :-)

Nice wood blocks!

And a car playset (seriously we are so spoiled by family!)

Too funny not to share

What a sweet and fun Christmas morning

This is the one gift we bought for the buddy. Too bad he's recently obsessed with Elmo instead of George. :)

I made my first turkey!

With Nana & Papa

Carving our first turkey

Enjoying Christmas Dinner

Out to brunch

An indoor train ride

He's also obsessed with fish right now.

My sister had a baby and the buddy LOVES her!

So do I. :)

I mean, she's so adorable! Look at that hair!

I grabbed for the baby a whole lot. I hope her parents didn't mind. :)

He wanted to give the baby hugs and kisses during the whole visit.

He was so gentle!

Talking to Aunt Hannah on the phone 

Enjoying ANOTHER Christmas gift! :)

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