Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Day's Worth of Meals for the buddy

For HelloBee I did a day's worth of the buddy's meals.

Even though he's not a big eater, we trust that he's letting us know when he's hungry and how much he wants to eat. Some days I feel like he eats so well and others it seems like he hardly eats anything. But, I've read that's pretty typical for toddlers. The annoying habit he started the past couple of months is refusing his favorite foods! It's impossible to predict when he will refuse a food we know he loves. One day he might eat half an avocado in one sitting and the next he may refuse to take a single bite! He ate pretty well on the day that I documented, but we're just comparing him to himself.

Breakfast  We're pretty boring in the breakfast department. We've found a breakfast that he enjoys and eats well, so we have just stuck with it. He always gets oatmeal (with blackstrap molasses) and bananas. This has been his breakfast since he was about 13 months old and our pediatrician recommended adding blackstrap molasses to some of his foods to boost his iron levels. And bananas are not only his favorite fruit, but they are also the cheapest! So we figure we won't "fix" it if it's not broken. We add other fruit or bacon to breakfast sometimes, but every day when I get him up and ready for the day he asks for "mo-meal" and "na-nas" so we figure if he likes it we'll keep giving it to him.

Some days he eats the whole banana and has just a few bites of oatmeal and other days he barely touches his banana and scarfs the oatmeal. And some days he eats both! This day he ate most of the oatmeal (we cook him 1/2 cup dry) and half of his banana. We also give him whole milk with each meal, and just keep it in the same cup through the day. Over the course of a day I'd say he drinks about 5-6oz total, but we aren't measuring.

Yummy Breakfast!

On Fridays Little P is with my parents, and he usually ends up snacking on whatever my dad eats for breakfast around 9am. He had some of my dad's oatmeal and also a whole fruit/yogurt pouch. We've been buying him Plum Kids Organic pouches because you can buy them inexpensively on Amazon and they're just so easy! He's especially been enjoying the Greek Yogurt pouches.

Lunch Every day lunch is a little different at the Piñata home and it usually involves some kind of leftovers. On days when I work and pack him a lunch, I also always include an almond butter and jelly sandwich. This particular day I also added apples, raisins, broccoli and leftover mealballs. On days he's with my parents it's nice because they can heat up the food for him, so he can have the meatballs and broccoli warm.

However, he just ate about half his sandwich and a few bites of raisins for lunch. So, even though we know he loves all those foods for lunch, he didn't eat much of it.

Afternoon Snack
Little P's snacks tend to be fruit/veggie pouches because they're so easy; but this day Little P was still recovering from RSV and we had stocked up on popsicles, so he had one of those. When he was sick he wasn't eating or drinking much, so this was a good way for him to get both liquids and fruit at the same time. We found this brand whose ONLY ingredient is fruit, so I think we'll be buying these again in the future! (I also had a few and they're super delicious!)

  Dinner: This particular night we actually made Mrs. Deer's Bacon & Tomato Soup  and Little Piñata loved it! He had two bowls worth (about 2 cups total). He also has been very into kale, sauteed in coconut oil with pepper and seasoned salt and had two cups of that as well. I offered him some leftover raisins and apples since he had so much leftover from lunch. He wasn't interested in the apples but had some of the raisins.

 We don't really measure his liquid intake anymore. We were stressed out about it for a while when he were concerned about his weight, but now we trust that he's getting what he needs. We just offer milk and water throughout the day and he has plenty of wet diapers. We just don't measure because we know it would stress it out. I estimate that he has about one full sippy cup of milk total in a day and then water on and off when he wants it.

So there. A boring post if unless you like to look at pictures of toddler food. :)


  1. I'm pretty impressed! Looks like your little man is getting some great nutrition but that you're not overly stressing about it. What a great balance.

  2. It's so hard to look at a toddler's intake day-by-day. They are, as you pointed out, so inconsistent from one day (or hour!) to the next. I've always tried to look at what the eat over the course of a week or two, so assure it's balanced. good job, mama, on the healthy foods!!


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