Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And we continue on...

So, just in case you were wondering how our visit with our RE went....

He wanted to have Dave try another drug to lower his prolactin as that hormone was high in addition to the DHEA (what the low-dose steroid was supposed to be working on).

We also got his blood taken again. And actually, his hormones are doing WAY better! All in the normal range! This is good, but also kind of bad I suppose. It's good that his hormones are more normal, but not so good that this didn't cause his sperm analysis to improve. :/ Our hope here is that maybe with more time they sperm quality would improve?

Also, this made us think that with numbers in the normal range that we wouldn't have to worry about Dave taking this new drug, but the RE wants to get the prolactin number even LOWER hopefully pushing that testosterone number even HIGHER. Aargh. So, Dave is on a new drug and it's horrible. He has to take it with a meal, so he takes it with dinner since it makes him dizzy, woozy, drowsy and even kind of stuffed up until about 9am the next day. Blech. So, he's been going to bed pretty early which is a bummer since we don't have much time to hang out.

Dave will stay on this drug for 3 more weeks, then in 5 weeks will get his blood hormone levels tested again and we'll see where they are. But, again, then it would take 3 more months for sperm quality to improve. I know in the scheme of life 4 more months isn't that long, BUT we're not really hopefully that his numbers will get better. We've tried so many things in the past 2.5 years to improve his fertility and nothing so far has worked. :/ We have definitely not given up hope, but we're not counting on improvement either.

Honestly, I think this drug is moving us in the wrong direction, but Dave wants to try it so he can know he's tried it all and not look back with any regrets. I would like him to try visiting a local chiropractor who also does applied kinesiology with supplements. Just so say we've crossed everything off the list. I think the biggest thing that bothers me about the particular RE we're seeing (and really most of them I'm sure) is that when we asked if maybe Dave could have a nutrient missing from his diet and if that could cause the issue he said definitely not. But, we really believe that the food and nutrients we put in our bodies play a very key role in our hormones, health, energy level, etc. So, we know we're not really on the same page as this doctor if he discounts that entire sphere of health. :/

So, onward we continue. We are praying about if/when we should renew our home study to adopt again, but also if we should pursue more intense fertility treatments (such as IVF) since my eggs are only getting older. :/ If money weren't an object we may pursue both at the same time! But, money is definitely an issue and so is our health insurance situation, so we're not stepping forward in either of these areas yet. We'll be praying for guidance as we begin to need to make decisions. 


  1. Praying for peace right now!!! God is so much bigger then any diagnosis the doctors give you. Hugs xoxo

  2. Such a hard decision. Hoping Dave's numbers improve as the drugs take effect. Hubs were kind of all over the place (normal, but varied through the 2 SAs we did) so I think the numbers are pretty dependent on lots f factors

  3. @caroline- so true! We know if God wanted us to conceive it would be easy for Him! But, we haven't been promised that, so there are many decisions along the way as we use wisdom and ask His guidance on how He wants us to continue to build our family.
    @babybluesunday- I think you're right that they can change significantly each time. It was just so strange that this last one was significantly worse than all the others. Sigh. If we had a more affordable IVF clinic near us we would strongly be considering that right now to (hopefully) stop the roller coaster.


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