Wednesday, November 6, 2013

17 Months

Ok, so this post is pretty much a month late. Aargh! The good news is that I was very excited that I got the picture taken on the exact right day! Yay! And then proceeded to not have time to write this post until tonight. It's been an exhausting month. 

Weight & Length: No idea on this one. We'll just have to wait and see where he is at his 18 month appointment. He's definitely getting taller, but I'm not so sure about the heavier. He runs off all the calories He eats!
Visiting a local farm/pumpkin patch!

He was a pretty good sleeper in the last month. Although with starting the "Mother's Day Out" program he has had almost a constant runny nose or cough, so there were some rough nights where he had a hard time breathing. :( But, I would say mostly slept through the night and half of his days he had one nap and half of his days he had two. 

Ha! I don't know what he's so suspicious of here. :)

 The past month he started verbalizing what he wanted and didn't want to eat. This is overall good I'd say, but frustrating when he would say "no." He tried crackers for the first time and became obsessed! He also started loving avocados which he didn't always like. The big accomplishment is being able to eat thicker food with a spoon! There also is no more nighttime bottle or milk. 

Clothing: Clothing sizes are so different across brands. He wears some size 9 month things (like a handful), but only fits in 18-month onesies. He's mostly in 12 month sizes.

Playing at the train table at the library

 As he gets more words and can communicate more he's getting more and more of a fun personality! He had a ROUGH few weeks at MDO, which was so hard for us. But, he finally started getting comfortable again and his teacher tells us he has such a sweet and fun personality there. Whew! This also makes behavior more interesting as he tells us more of what he does and doesn't want to do. I'm glad for the communication and him being able to assert himself. But, there's definitely a small part of me that wants him to be super compliant just to make life easier on me (how selfish!). :-)

Milestones & Firsts:
This was at the farm. He LOVED this!
-When asked who Jesus loves he says, "me, me, me"
-Really uses "no" when he doesn't want something (especially food!)
-Can successfully feed himself cottage cheese, applesauce and oatmeal from a spoon
-Got ALL his teeth except for his 2-year molars
-Understand when we ask him to sit down and obeys! (most of the time)
-Did his first finger painting
-Can point to his eyes, ears, mouth, head, hair, toes and belly when we say the words
-When we go to the park and I say, "1, 2, 3 GO!" he lets go and goes down the slide

New words: 
mo pease = More, please
apoo = apple
bubbo = bubble
tay-too= thank you
da dahn= all done
melk= milk
nak= snack (a fruit or fruit/veggie pouch)
cahker= cracker
dis = this (or more like, I WANT THAT!)
wook = look
no tay-too= no thank you


  1. Y'all are such a precious family!

  2. I love the tractor picture!! Also, I love that you're teaching him manners :)


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