Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some HelloBee Posts

Several time I've copied posts I've written for HelloBee, reformatted them and then posted them here. But most haven't made it. I don't like posting "advice" on here since I feel like this blog is more about catching up with our family and seeing adorable pictures of the buddy. PLUS, we started this as an adoption blog about our journey to adopt.

The truth is that I feel kind of weird posting advice blogs on HelloBee. I am NO expert on parenting or babies and so I feel quite unqualified. :-) I do have my soapbox items (like growth charts, infertility, etc.), but I am by no means any kind of expert on parenting a child. I pretty much have an eternal wish list on Amazon of the parenting books I want to read because I know there is so.much I need to learn. And want to learn too. :-)

All that to say, that's why this blog hasn't gotten a lot of action recently. Not that it's breaking anyone's hearts, but I know some family members want to see pictures more regularly. :-)

If you ARE interested in some of my "parenting" and recipe posts, here's a link. There are also a couple of posts about where we are with trying for child #2. For some reason (maybe because this started as an adoption blog) I'm not comfortable writing out all of our reproductive details on here. But oddly, I did on HelloBee! So, if you're curious (or bored) feel free to jump over there and see what else I've been writing. Here's a link to all my posts. 

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  1. Read your Current TTC post! Thanks for sharing, I have been curious to hear. Excited to see how the medicine improves your husbands numbers!!! And, I always love reading your posts regardless what they are about - so keep them coming!


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