Monday, October 14, 2013

Can I "brag" for a minute?

I often wonder WHY I'm posting for HelloBee. I feel like I don't have much to say, and honestly it IS time consuming to think of "helpful" blog posts instead of just what's going on in our lives. BUT, I wrote a blogpost about how I make my own seasoning packets and it got pinned to pinterest 250 times! Even though it's not like I'm trying to get famous by sharing simple recipes, I DO hope that this opportunity allows me the chance in the future to "do" something more with my writing and online presence. And I hope some people make themselves something a little healthier by forgoing normal seasoning packets. :-)


1. The buddy is doing much better at school. Whew! We are totally in "survival" mode with sickness, naps and a sleeping schedule, but at least he's doing better and not crying all day. A step in the right direction!

2. We have another SA coming up, probably with a follow-up apt with the RE and some big decisions to make, so please pray for us.

3. Prayers for my job. That's all I can and will say about that.

4. I'm OBSESSED with Essential Oils! More about that later. :-)

Also, little bud is 17 months old! How can it possibly be time for another update!?

He's cute. Even when he's screaming to be let out of his crib. :)


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