Monday, October 28, 2013

"Something Good Always Comes Out of Something Bad."

Oh goodness. This is a LONG video, but worth all 12 minutes and 30 seconds for so many reasons. I promise. Just what I needed to hear from this sweet teenage adoptee!! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ugh.. the bad news update

If you haven't read our recent TTC journey on hellobee, here's the link.

We were semi-hopeful that this RE's protocol would work. About 2 months ago Dave got a sperm analysis that was headed in the right direction. Still not normal, but definitely better. So, he was supposed to continue to take the low-dose steroid for a couple of more months and get another test. He got another test last week and the results were the worst he has ever had. :/ Like, not only was morphology bad, but the motility plummeted. We were hoping we would have numbers good enough to try a few IUIs, but no such luck. :/ We have an appointment with the RE on Tuesday to get his thoughts and here if he has any more suggestions. We will likely have to run more blood tests (unless he tells us to just go straight to IVF) which will run us about $500. :/

On Friday we found out that the University where Dave teaches part-time is cutting his course load in half (but of course just making class sizes bigger). So, there's a significant loss of income for the spring. We're hoping this is only for one semester!

Also, it turns out that my new job that was supposed to allow me to spend more time with the buddy is super stressful. Even though I'm home on Tuesdays and Thursdays with him, my M/W/F days are longer and I do A LOT of work from home. So, I'm only working about 5 hours less a week than I did last year and making about 1/4 the money. So.... yeah. That stinks and I'm not sure what to do about it. I LOVE being home on T/TH, but I'm hoping as the year progresses I won't have to spend as much time working on things from home.

All that to say, we're discouraged. I spent the past few days being very depressed. I KNOW things could always be worse and I'm confident God has a plan for us, but it gets very difficult to remain optimistic when finances and fertility issues are so often a stressor. I have a hard time trusting God when things are hard. I wish I weren't this way and that trials made me more confident in God's future miracles, but we're pretty worn out on praying for a miracle. Sigh. 

It will all be ok. The buddy is amazing and I'm SO grateful for our infertility so that he is in our lives. But, I'm not so grateful for the infertility that has stuck around AFTER he's been our son. We really want 3-4 kids and I really want to be a stay-at-home mom and it seems like every time we think we're getting closer we get a big setback (or two).

Sorry to be negative. Just sharing how it's going. Here's hoping for a better week! :)   

Monday, October 14, 2013

Can I "brag" for a minute?

I often wonder WHY I'm posting for HelloBee. I feel like I don't have much to say, and honestly it IS time consuming to think of "helpful" blog posts instead of just what's going on in our lives. BUT, I wrote a blogpost about how I make my own seasoning packets and it got pinned to pinterest 250 times! Even though it's not like I'm trying to get famous by sharing simple recipes, I DO hope that this opportunity allows me the chance in the future to "do" something more with my writing and online presence. And I hope some people make themselves something a little healthier by forgoing normal seasoning packets. :-)


1. The buddy is doing much better at school. Whew! We are totally in "survival" mode with sickness, naps and a sleeping schedule, but at least he's doing better and not crying all day. A step in the right direction!

2. We have another SA coming up, probably with a follow-up apt with the RE and some big decisions to make, so please pray for us.

3. Prayers for my job. That's all I can and will say about that.

4. I'm OBSESSED with Essential Oils! More about that later. :-)

Also, little bud is 17 months old! How can it possibly be time for another update!?

He's cute. Even when he's screaming to be let out of his crib. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some HelloBee Posts

Several time I've copied posts I've written for HelloBee, reformatted them and then posted them here. But most haven't made it. I don't like posting "advice" on here since I feel like this blog is more about catching up with our family and seeing adorable pictures of the buddy. PLUS, we started this as an adoption blog about our journey to adopt.

The truth is that I feel kind of weird posting advice blogs on HelloBee. I am NO expert on parenting or babies and so I feel quite unqualified. :-) I do have my soapbox items (like growth charts, infertility, etc.), but I am by no means any kind of expert on parenting a child. I pretty much have an eternal wish list on Amazon of the parenting books I want to read because I know there is so.much I need to learn. And want to learn too. :-)

All that to say, that's why this blog hasn't gotten a lot of action recently. Not that it's breaking anyone's hearts, but I know some family members want to see pictures more regularly. :-)

If you ARE interested in some of my "parenting" and recipe posts, here's a link. There are also a couple of posts about where we are with trying for child #2. For some reason (maybe because this started as an adoption blog) I'm not comfortable writing out all of our reproductive details on here. But oddly, I did on HelloBee! So, if you're curious (or bored) feel free to jump over there and see what else I've been writing. Here's a link to all my posts. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

16 Months


 I'm late this month because back-to-school time is crazy for us. But, it has been a fun month for the buddy to develop more of a fun personality! And Dave and I were just saying the other day that after he started really walking about 4 months ago, this is the first time we've started to notice that we can leave him in a room for about 30 second by himself and we can reasonably assume that he won't be doing anything too dangerous. He's finally learned what is dangerous and what he's free to get into. No more than 30 seconds though. :-)

Weight & Length:
The buddy had a random fever last week, so he went to the Dr. He was 19lbs and 5.5oz, which is just up one ounce from 6 weeks ago, so I guess we need to start adding more butter and coconut oil to his foods again to put one some more weight! He's still 30 in.

 It was an interesting month since he started daycare/Mother's Day Out this month. We thought he would be ok with just one nap twice a week, but it has been kind of a disaster. As in, he's so sad and cranky at school waiting for the group nap at noon and then tired when we come home and is up for at least an hour or two in the night on those days. So, we're trying to work through that. He's still on 2 naps on days he's home (at about 10:30am and 3pm) and on the days he's home he sleeps through the night from about 7:30pm-7am.

 Like most toddlers he's starting to get picky. He will actually eat just about anything we give him, but he doesn't want to try things when we just put them in front of him on his tray. So, we've started asking him to give his food a kiss and when he does (mwah!), he gets a bit of the flavor and decides to try it. He even does this with his favorite foods, like sweet potatoes! Silly boy! The most fun update in this area is that he can feed himself pretty well with a spoon. Which is an exciting development which keeps mom a little less glued to the high chair. :)

Clothing: He's still in 12 month clothes and I imagine he will for a while. He can wear a few 18-month things too, but some are way too big. The good news about having a smaller child is that he stays in his clothes longer, keeping me from having to buy new clothes too often!

 The tantrums are getting better. Although now the separation anxiety is in full force! Oh, toddlers. ;-) He still loves making us laugh and laughing himself. When we watch Sesame Street or Curious George he loves to laugh at the silly things that the animals and/or monsters do. It's so cute! He also loves to dance and play the drums all through the house, which is also so fun! He's going to be a handful all growing up I'm pretty sure! But, he's also very good at playing quietly by himself for independent play time. He still spends about 25 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon playing quietly with his favorite toys in his Pack N Play. It's fun to watch him because he does a lot of "pretending" where his stuffed animals talk to each other and he pretends to feed them. It's so sweet!

Milestones & Firsts:

-When we sing "Itsy, Bitsy Spider he now tries to do the motions with his fingers.
-He points to himself and says, "me, me"
-He signs and says "more," which we've discovered actually means "please" to him
-He can climb up an entire flight of stairs at my parents' house
-He started scribbling with a pencil
-He now goes and hides when we play hide and seek and doesn't just come looking for us.
-He can identify people in pictures, like "nana" and "momma"
-He learned the word "no" and says it repeatedly whenever he doesn't want to do something (oh dear). -He says "beep, beep" when we see a car go by
-He started putting toys behind his back and saying, "Where'd he go?" and then pull out the toy laughing hysterically (so cute!)

New words:
beep, beep

Before we know it he will be 18 months old, officially half-way to three years old! ACK! It's really true what they say, "The days are long but the years are short."