Saturday, August 10, 2013

That pesky "to-do" list

So, after we got back from the beach last week summer was pretty much over. I've been spending at least 5-10 hours a day getting ready for my new job. SOO, it looks like it's time to see how much progress I made on my to-do list. :-)

1. Get back into running and even be able to run 5-6 miles by the end of the summer.
No way. I ran about 2 miles a few times, but that was it. :(

2. Learn how to make my own tortillas.
Sadly, I didn't do this either! I'm not giving up and will still do this soon!!

3. Start couponing again!
I tried this once or twice, but decided with me working and having a toddler, it's not worth the time sadly to really COUPON. Instead I went shopping a couple of times at Aldi, and am focusing on only getting what we need. I still like Publix and their weekly B1G1 Free deals, so I should still look at that once a week. But, I don't think I'll be printing or cutting coupons anymore. Who's got time for that?!

4. Start ordering food from Azure Standard.
Aargh! NOT this either! I actually thought about it, but it seemed like the prices weren't as great as I thought they would be. Also, it's totally overwhelming because there are a million things on their site. If anyone does this and wants to give me tips, let me know! :)

5. FINALLY finish our family 2012 album.
Yes! I did it!

6. Read at least 2 books a month.
I did this too! I think I read more like 3-4 a month. Wahoo! :)

7. Get a tan, dang it.
Yes! I did this on our last trip to the beach. Yay! Although it's already fading. :/

8. Make dinner on a MUCH more regular basis.
I think I did this. I will try not to let the Little Caesar's Pizza we had tonight make me believe otherwise. 

9. Get a hair-cut. (It's pathetic that I have to put that on a list like this, but it's been a LONG time since I have been. Like maybe 7-8 months? Sheesh).
Umm... I did this yesterday. Sheesh. Took me long enough!

10. Get back to taking ballet classes! And BarreAmped Classes.
I did both these things! Yay! That makes me feel better about not running. :)

11. Make significant progress in getting some of my writing published online.
I'm a blogger over at HelloBee now, which is in the right direction. Although, sadly it has kept me from getting things read on actual publications or bigger sites. (I'd really like for something to end up on "Her-Meneutics," Christianity Today's blog and news specifically written for women).

12. Start soaking and freezing dry beans to save money and avoid canned beans.
I did this too! Yay! And I wrote about it on HelloBee. It's way easy and I can't believe I didn't start doing this sooner!


  1. wahoo on finishing the family album!! Those take forever. And, I love that you can go 7-8 months, that's amazing! Mine drives me crazy at about 7-8 weeks :)

  2. Can you check off "tan" now that you went to Jekyll? Wish we could have joined you!


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