Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some New Things

Sorry for my lack of presence here on the blog! The past few weeks have brought some fun, exciting and kind of scary (but still good) changes for our family. :-)

1. I am now a contributing blogger over at HelloBee, a Pregnancy, Baby and Parenting Website/Blog! I will be blogging about infertility, adoption and parenthood. So, it may take me a little while to figure out how to balance blogging at both places. :-) If you want to check out my first couple of posts, I'm Mrs. Pinata.

2. Dave has an almost full-time job! Yay! He's been piecing together jobs for over 5 years now so this is a much welcome change. :-) He will continue to teach a few classes at Belmont, but his primary job will be the Interim Music Director at our church! We hope this turns into a long-term, full-time job. But, for now we're so grateful for this step for him and for our family. We're all thrilled.

3. I officially quit my job! Yikes!! Turns out it's time to move forward past the in-between into something new. This is the terrifying change. I've had my job teaching Spanish for 5 years and it was a really, really good job. There are frustrations in every job, but I really can't complain. I loved my students and I loved what I taught. But, an opportunity to teach 3 year old Preschool at our church's program popped up and after a lot of tears, questioning and prayer we decided it was the best move for our family. I'll be working 3 days a week, and brining the buddy with me 2/3 of those days to be in the Toddler Room. My parents will watch him that third day. And I will be home with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! It will be a sacrifice for us financially, but with Dave's new job at church, faith and shopping at Aldi, we will make it work. :-)

I'll share more in the coming weeks and months! For now we're trying to enjoy the summer. :-)


  1. whoa so many exciting things! congrats on the new jobs and i'm heading over to hellobee now to check out your posts, awesome!



  3. Hi Erika! Thanks for the comment! Do I know you "in real life?" :-)

  4. Yeah for shopping at Aldi!! I did that loads in England.....wish there was one near here. I have just resigned from teaching preschool to stay home - LOVED LOVED LOVED teaching preschool (headstart) though. Teaching the littleies is the only job I would do! One of the best on the world! And you get to stay home 2days and take him with you 2 days - win win! Miriam

  5. This job thing sounds like a great cool that you can bring your precious son with you! Hope it's a good fit for you and your family.

    And congrats on the blogging job!


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