Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fellow Bloggers....

For some reason I have gotten LOTS of anonymous spam comments on my last post about our job changes. What causes these comments and how do you prevent it? I've never gotten much spam before on the blog, so I'm wondering what to do! :-) Does anyone else have experience with this?


  1. Yes!! Mine was out of control. You can go change the settings to remove anonymous comments. This will help

  2. So odd, that has never happened to me. I think I had one spam comment ever, I so see that some of my traffic is from fake sites though. So odd.

  3. I actually ditched Blogger because of spam comments. The site stopped allowing my friends to post, and yet I was getting notifications for spam comments multiple times a day--even for about a year and a half after I started using WordPress and stopped doing anything on that blog at all. In my experience, WordPress' spam filter is way more effective than Blogspot's.


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