Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The First Week

So, that list? Whew! Well, it's actually going pretty well, but I'm exhausted. :-)  Here's my progress.

1. I may not be running 5-6 miles yet, but I've gotten to 2! Yay! :-)
2. No homemade tortillas yet.
3. ONE coupon shop down! Yay! However, it didn't involve any coupons, just the deal part. But, that's part of the way there!
4. Nope- nothing in the way of Azure Standard.
5. Not the tiniest bit of progress on the 2012 album. The family album is the most overwhelming to me of everything on my list.
6. I've read almost HALF a book... that's a start, right!?
7. I wouldn't say I have a tan, but I have the beginnings of one. :-)
8. I have made dinner a few times! Yay!
9. No hair-cut yet. Not even one on the schedule. Oops!
10. YES! And YES!! I've taken 2 ballet classes and 4 classes at the BarreAmped studio. Yay! I haven't been this sore in my recent memory and I LOVE it! :-)
11. I have applied to two places to get my writing published online. I won't hear anything for awhile yet. I think this also means I need to start writing something other than summer "to-do" lists. :/
12. The beans have been bought, but no soaking or freezing yet.

I'm pretty sure I also need to add "clean the house" to the list. Maybe THEN it would get done. ha!

BUT, I will say that the first week and a half off of school have been pretty fun! Here are all the places I went with the buddy!

1. The Zoo
2. The Nature Center
3. Trader Joe's & Publix (ha! a bit less exciting)
4. The Botanical Gardens
5. The Rec Center swimming pool and playground
6. A new park!
7. Swimming Lessons!

He's also gotten some good walks and jogs in, as well as some fun playing in his pool in the backyard. I will say I'm pooped, but SO VERY blessed to have the summer off. :-)


  1. Wow! What a fun summer so far! I took your lead and made a list of my own goals for the next year. I put a little reminder on my phone so that I'll check in with them every month to see how I'm doing. It feels good to have them written down and to be moving toward something. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Nice! I'm glad to be inspirational! Although I think I wore myself out after the first week. ha! :-) I'm in the process of getting back into the "groove" so I can start to feel a bit more productive. :)


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