Monday, June 10, 2013

LOTS of teeth!!

In the buddy's 12-month update I posted about his poor night sleep and some new teeth coming in. You will not BELIEVE how many teeth this kid has gotten!! RIGHT after his first birthday we noticed that he was not only getting new teeth in the front, but also he got his 2 bottom molars! It was a pretty big relief because he had been sleeping pretty horribly at night, so we were glad to have a reason.

We had a bit of a reprieve, but the past 6 weeks or so have been rough in relation to nighttime sleep. Thankfully he has still been happy during the day and has been napping well. BUT, he's been up in the middle of the night at least 2-3 nights a week, and sometimes almost every night! We also discovered his TOP gums were swollen a few weeks ago, indication his top molars were on their way. SOOO... as of today, this kid has gotten EIGHT teeth in less than a month! This means he has twelve total! TWELVE teeth!! That's crazy for an "almost-thirteen-month-old," right?

I'm hoping we get a bit of a break now and some good night sleeping. He only has 8 teeth left to get: his 4 canines and his last set of 4 molars. They "say" they don't start coming in until 16-23 months, so hopefully we get a break for a little while.

I need to get a good picture of his toothy smile! :-) And also, I'll upload photos of my weekend trip to NYC! I missed my boys, but it was SOO fun... sometimes I wish we would move there. 


  1. Poor guy! Ouch! We've been dealing with some sleep regression too. It's not easy, that's for sure. Saying a prayer that his teething pain will go away and that you'll all get some sleep.

  2. Yes, pics pleaaaaase! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I kind of forgot that the teething pain continues even after they make their first appearance. BUT, he's slept pretty well the past few nights, so yipee! :-)


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