Thursday, June 13, 2013

LIVE from New York!!

Ok... so not live at all. Since these photos are several days old, but here are the highlights of my trip to New York City!

My sister is doing an internship this summer in THE city, so this obviously meant a weekend trip was in order! I hadn't been in almost 6 years (and that was my first time) and so I wanted to go back, PLUS see "The Newsies" on Broadway. And of course, my sister. :-)

It's interesting that after exploring all her roommate options, she is sharing an apartment with one of MY college roommates! So, it was fun to see them both, plus a few other friends from college that are living there. I think I wore my poor sister out, trying to see as much as I could in less than 72 hours! On the last day I actually strained the arch in my right foot from all the walking. Thankfully, ice, BioFreeze and my return to a pretty sedentary lifestyle upon my return ensured a speedy recovery. :-)

The buddy was with Dave the whole weekend, and although I missed them both, we were so busy I didn't get a chance to worry about either of them. Plus, I got cute pictures and a video to keep me in the loop. My parents also watched N a couple of times so Dave could get some work done, and even brought over a meal or two. So, my boys were in good hands!

We visited the MOMA and were excited to see "Starry Night"

Although I was annoyed and saddenned that no one actually looked at it and instead just took photos of it. :/

Hannah with Van Gogh

Out for dinner and drinks on THE town! :)

With some sweet college friends :-)

Times Square in the rain

I was SOOO excited to see this musical on Broadway! Literally one of my most favorite movies ever!

The cast was fantastic!! Although I was kind of disappointed in a lot of the re-writing for the stage

Grand Central Station - Beautiful!

Beautiful chandeliers at the Metropolitan Opera House where we saw the American Ballet Theatre

Rockefellar Center

Hanging out with Woody the Cowboy

Statue of Liberty

Freedom Tower

Trinity Episcopal Church in the Financial District

Love these old tombstones!

They remind me of Boston.

Oh, the Fed

Where President Washington was inaugurated! 

9/11 Memorial- Really neat giant pools with names of all the victims around the edge

View from Highline Park

Another view from Highline Park in Chelsea

The sweet face I came home to


  1. ohhh cool you went to the Highline! Looks like a great trip. I can't believe Dave got meals delivered to him! What a spoiled brat! Also, feel free to forward on those cute photos and VIDEOS you received. :) So glad you had fun. xoxo

  2. What a fun trip! I love New York City. And I LOVE old tombstones too. I'm not sure why, but they are just so fascinating to me, especially in the little country cemeteries you come across on road trips.

  3. You sure packed a lot in your weekend!!! What fun!!!

  4. You sure packed a lot in your weekend!!! What fun!!!


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