Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I've never done this before (that I can remember), but would you considering donating to help this sweet couple bring home their 6 year old daughter from South Africa?

They have an AMAZING story of being called to adopt from Ethiopia. And in the meantime, God laid on their hearts to adopt a waiting 6 year old girl with HIV from South Africa. I work with Jessa's sister and based on knowing HER and watching Jessa and Erik's video and following their blog, I am so inspired by this couple and the reckless abandonment with which they follow God's lead!!

If you head over to the Give1Save1 site, they are the featured family for the week. The goal of this blog/website is for people to give $1 to help save one orphan. Will you consider giving $1? Or even more?! Let's help them cover the cost to bring their daughter home!

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