Wednesday, June 19, 2013

13 Months

Enjoying the Pool
How is it possible I'm writing a 13 month update?! I guess it's no surprise that it's late. :-) I debated on whether or not to continue these since he's over a year old now, but I decided that the SECOND year of life is also full of lots of changes and milestones so I'll try to keep it up until the turns 2. 

Weight & Length: 
When we took him to our new (yay!) doctor, he weighed 18 pounds, which bumped him up to 5% in the WHO percentiles, but of course, still below the CDC chart. They measures his height and head circumference too, but sadly I don't remember what they are! This was his weight at 12.5 months.
13 Months


Well, I've already blogged about this, so you know that night sleeping was rough this month due to teething (EIGHT teeth popped in from early May-June 11th).

He still takes two naps on MOST days, but on days he has music or swimming class he only gets one nap. Thankfully that one nap is about 3 hours long, but it's still not usually enough daytime sleep for this guy to not be over-tired by bedtime. So, two naps is preferred. :-) He DID start fighting his afternoon nap for a few days, so we make sure to wake him up after 1.5 hours from his morning nap so he will still sleep well in the afternoon.

His (ideal) schedule at 13 months:

7am- Wake Up & Have Breakfast
8am- Independent Play Time
9:30am- A bit of Milk, then Nap
11am- Wake him up
11:30am- Lunch 

1:45pm- Snack
2pm- Nap
4pm- (About the time he wakes up)
5/5:30pm- Dinner
6:30pm- Bathtime & Bedtime Routine (includes a real toothbrush now!)

7pm Bottle & Bedtime

I like food, just if it's well-seasoned. :)
He doesn't seem as much of a finicky eater as before. BUT, he won't eat too much of one thing. Apparently he likes a variety for his meals. What a complex palate this kid has. ;-) 

In the morning we start out with a 6-8 oz bottle. It's definitely the time of day he gets the most milk. We are SO grateful that we still have a big enough supply of donated breastmilk that he gets this in his breakfast bottle. He loves fruit for breakfast and we usually also give him yogurt mixed with whole grain baby cereal or oatmeal.

For lunch he gets a sippy cup of raw goat's milk (I will write more about this later) and then lots of finger foods. I also try to spoon feed him either cottage cheese, applesause, or some baby food, just to get more calories in when he's not eating a ton. I would say his favorite lunch-time food right now is Ezekiel bread (it uses sprouted grains) and almond butter. Which is great news for us because almond butter has lots of good fats and calories. :-) He also loves cheese, chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli (especially with olive oil and pepper), beef, sausage, prunes, bananas and asparagus. I'm not good at adding as good of a variety of vegetables to his meals. Does anyone have good ideas of easy veggies to serve?

Before his afternoon nap he still has milk with cod liver oil and butter. I know it's a strange afternoon snack, but cod liver oil is pretty much the best supplement you can take! And the nutrients are absorbed better when you take it with butter.

Then for dinner he has a lot of the same thing that he had for dinner. Although we try to keep grains to breakfast and lunch if possible. For no particular reason except to try to prevent him from being addicted to carbs.

He still has a bottle before bed, but it's goat's milk now. I think we'll be keeping this bottle for a LONG time. He sleeps especially poorly if he doesn't get at least 4-5oz for this feeding.


He's pretty much in all 12 month clothing, except a few articles of 9 month clothes. He has one pair of shorts that are 9-month and they are ADORABLE! But, they likely won't fit for much longer.

See? Sometimes very upset!

Well, he's just as excited about life as he was a month ago. SUPER happy and excited and running around the house in a good mood, and vocal about his distaste if he doesn't get what he wants. We're still working on that, but "please" is unfortunately not a part of his vocabulary yet. 

Milestones & Firsts:

-He says "momma" again and uses it to refer to me! He also uses it when he's whiny and wants something. ha!
-He tried (and loved) both bread, asparagus and almond butter for the first time.
-He started making a "sh" sound to mean shoes. He LOVES his shoes and when he ask him to go get them he goes right for them to get them out. I think it's partially because he loves going outside. :)
-He scraped his knee for the first (and second, and third...) time. This happens a lot since he's obsessed with playing with the watering can on the patio.
-He says "doggie" and "woof, woof!" He definitely says it with dogs, but when we went to the zoo he also used it for ALL the animals he got excited about, including the flamingos. :-)
-He likes to "help" by putting clothes from his dresser into his laundry hamper and by pushing the swiffer sweeper around the house on the wood floors.
-He started kicking his balls, and even using his baby golf club to hit the smaller balls around (now that I think about it, most of these little balls are missing!)
-His first swimming lesson and first music class- He LOVES the pool!
-I know I already said this a million times on here, but he got his first four molars, for a total of 12 teeth!

The buddy's new buddy.


  1. Love love love it all! Never stop the monthly posts, not til he's 18 years old! Hmm, obviously I have no experience getting babies to eat veggies, but things that came to mind that might work were avocado (actually a fruit i guess), peas, green beans, sliced green peppers, or just cooked beans that he could eat one at a time?

  2. Oh yeah! I forgot that he has avocado, green beans and he has TRIED beans, but we don't eat them too often. He also has tomatoes a lot too. We don't do peas often because I think they actually aren't very nutrient dense, but when we do mixed veggies, he does get some. As well as corn and carrots. I guess I'm just lazy too lazy to steam these fresh veggies on a regular basis, but I totally should!

  3. My daughter at his age (and still) loved green beans, edamame, strips of red pepper, olives (stuck on her fingers!), asparagus (a surprise), and romaine lettuce. Have fun finding out what your little one likes.

  4. Ha! I have to laugh at Mary Anne's suggestion of cooked green beans. That was a staple of hers when she insisted on feeding herself at about 8 months old. I served them right out of the can! They were softer that way. Sorry, Mary Anne!


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