Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Don't get me wrong. I LOVE teaching. I definitely feel like it's the profession I'm designed for and I LOVE working the the kids.

BUT, summer is still my favorite part of the job. :-) This summer I have BIG plans. I mean, 2 summers ago we were going to a crazy ton of acupuncture and fertility-ish appointments and it was totally depressing and really was the worst.summer.ever. Last summer we had a newborn and it was the best summer ever! BUT, we were also homebound. So, even though having a toddler is is sometimes more exhausting than having a newborn (I'm possibly just forgetting, but seriously, I can't set him down ANYWHERE and him stay there for more than one second at this point), it's also way easier to get out and about and do fun stuff. SO, I decided on my summer schedule.

7am- The buddy wakes up and I get him ready and feed him breakfast.
8am- Go for a run with N in the stroller then we play outside or inside
9:30am- Morning Nap and I get myself and the house ready for the day.
11-11:30am- When he wakes up he gets a quick lunch.
THEN we go to something fun! Like the pool, the zoo, music class, my parents' house, a friends' house, shopping, etc.

2-3:30pm- Try to get home in a decent hour to take a second nap- During this time I can also be productive and make dinner, etc.
5-5:30pm Dinner
7pm- Get him ready for bed
7:45pm- After he's sleeping, pick up the house and get some other stuff done.

I was VERY excited about this plan until he was up for over an hour at 3am on Sunday night and I woke up Monday morning so very, very tired. (We also were up late Sunday night with friends). SO... yesterday's "plan" turned to this:

1. Get in a nap for myself.
2. Take good care of the toddler.
3. Go to bed.

ha! :-) And I was successful at THOSE goals! If I always set goals like that I would be able to check so many more things off my list. ;-) Today we have plans to go to the zoo when he gets up, so I better get ready! I'm also hoping to go to ballet class tonight. First class in about 6 months so wish me luck and no injuries.


  1. i hope the three of you have such a fun summer together! xo

  2. I'd bet he'll transition down to one nap sometime this summer, so that may also throw your schedule for a loop. Have fun, mama!!

  3. LOL, that second schedule sounds like mine everyday!

  4. Flexibility...always important.

    And how cool that you take ballet class! Love that.


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