Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy First Birthday to the Buddy!

Yesterday was the buddy's first birthday party! I had a lot of fun planning for it, even though it was stressful at times too. It ended up being quite an intimate party even though we didn't intentionally plan for that because May is a crazy month for a lot of people. But, it ended up being so sweet to celebrate with our families and closest friends. What a blessing we had so many extended family there, including some out-of-town family! :-) Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy! I'm a whole lot more tired than I was a year ago and a whole lot happier too. You're our precious, sweet gift from God!

We went with a "Curious George" theme because we sometimes have to put on PBS when the buddy won't take a bottle and Curious George is definitely his favorite of the shows! I hate that we have to use the tv for this sometimes, but the truth is that Dave and I are pretty into the show now too and it's now in our Netflix Queue. ha! :-)

I surprised myself with how well it came together.

This is just the front of our house. I worked on the landscaping last weekend and I'm proud. :)

Look at those jeans! Cutie pie! :)

This picture would be awesome if my eyes were open! Does anyone that was there have a better picture of this?


The sign and balloons turned out great!

This picture is HILARIOUS! My face looks weird, but he's like "Mom. Are you serious?! Why are you so crazy?!"

First taste of both sugar and chocolate!

Shy at first

Looking for help?

He liked it but never went crazy. ha!

With a sweet friend.

She made him a card!

I have no ide why we didn't get a picture of N with his girl-friend! But, these two ladies are beautiful so they should be included even without him. :)

Really sweet gifts

Our precious boy... happy birthday!!


  1. OK, speaking of BLISS... Bliss is when I see that you have a new blog post with 22 PICTURES!!!!! SO SO SO CUTE!! I loved every one. He looked so serious! A little shy with so many people around maybe? He is the cutest and those jeans are adorable!!!

  2. Happy birthday N! And happy Mother's Day Elizabeth! Your home and your son are beautiful. You all look so, so happy :)

  3. Happy birthday, buddy!! The pics (and decorations!) are great and it looks like he enjoyed his party :)

  4. Oh my goodness, he's STILL such a cutie (of course!) And you my dear are just a gorgeous momma! I guess he doesn't have a sweet tooth (healthier for him in the long run :)

    Happy birthday N! And Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

  5. What? No cake on the face? Pretty impressive ;-)

  6. Awww, he looks so serious in all these pictures! I bet he's pondering the implications of being a one year-old. It looks like it was a sweet/fun party.

  7. Definitely no cake on the face! He was pretty timid the whole time. He took a few bites, but never went crazy. I think it's because of our limited processed foods and no processed sugar for him, so I'll take it! :)
    And yes, he DOES look serious! I think he was overwhelmed with the people and the "differentness" of the day. And mostly, he finally got a tooth on Sunday morning, so he's wasn't feeling entirely his jovial self that day. :)
    It WAS a very sweet party and a sweet day. It already feels like forever ago and not 3 days! ACK!

  8. How fun! What a cute party. Love the theme! And I love that picture of you coming out the front door - so funny!

  9. I have made a cd of my pictures of the party. I need to give it to you guys next time we're together. It was a great party for a special celebration!

  10. Fun pictures!! He DOES look a bit in awe of himself. He certainly was laughing and smiling and dancing last weekend! I keep looking at my video of him whacking those music buttons and dancing and banging that golf club. He is so wildly happy! Praise God!

  11. You guys are such a cute family! I love it!


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