Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scary, Scary

Last night we had our biggest parenting scare to date. Everything is ok and we're all ok, but at the time we had some scary moments!

I will start by explaining that when the buddy was about 6 months old we tried feeding him cooked egg yolk because it's full of good proteins, nutrients and such (we never gave him the egg white because THAT'S what's supposed to be what people are allergic to). One day he threw up several hours later, but we weren't sure if it was the egg that caused it since it wasn't the first time he had had them and did fine the first few tries. So, since we weren't sure, a couple of months later we tried it again and he got sick again. So, we decided to wait until he was a year old to try again. We also read that a lot of kids get sick from eggs from chickens that are fed soy. SO, I've been sure that our eggs are from true free range chickens and weren't fed soy. And since he's so close to a year, we kind of tried again. I had made fish dipped in an egg mixture, then rolled in bread crumb, cheese, etc. And we gave him a few bites of fish for lunch yesterday. And he was fine for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

BUT then, an hour after he went to bed we heard him scream out in his crib which is not like him. I'm SO glad I knew it was odd enough that I went in quickly and turned on the light because he was on his back and trying to throw up. :( Oh man, just thinking about it makes me so terrified and sad at the same time. Of course I turned him over so he could get it all out, but it freaks us out so much because even after throwing up he was so "out of it" and his body was weak, so we called 9-1-1 for fear that he would stop breathing and it also seemed like he might be seizing. By the time we were done explaining the situation to the dispatcher the buddy was a lot more like himself and they recommended we take him to the hospital instead of sending out a crew but told us call them back if it got worse.

Praise GOD we got to Urgent Care about 15 minutes before they closed, because a trip to the Emergency Room would have lasted all night. Even though N was acting even more like himself on the trip to the doctor I knew that there was no way I could sleep without getting him checked out. Even though we were pretty confident it was the teeny bit of eggs that made him get sick, we were still freaked out by the whole thing. I'm sure it was partially the fact that he had just thrown up and partially that he had been sleeping and was totally tired that he was just SO weak and limp afterward that we were so scared.

Everything checked out fine at the doctor. His lungs sounded good, blood pressure and blood sugar was good, etc. They obviously advised us to be sure he avoids eggs, which is done.and.done. When he goes for his 12-month check-up next month we'll be sure to find out how we get it confirmed and all the other specifics of a food allergy. I feel so bad for him to have an EGG allergy! That also means no bread and so many other things! We sure are hoping and praying he grows out of it within a few years!

I pretty much cried the whole way home from the Urgent Care office. I kept thinking (and saying), "What if we thought he was just being fussy and didn't go in right away?," and "I can't believe we didn't have the baby monitor in the Bonus Room and left it in the kitchen. What if we hadn't heard him cry out?!" But, these "what if" questions are not helpful and I need to try to let go and be so grateful and thankful it all turned out ok. Even tonight while Dave is out and I'm home alone with the little guy I'm so scared. What if something goes wrong? I don't think I could handle it myself! There are SO many things to be scared about as a parent. How do you truly trust God to take care of your child in the situations that are out of your control? Even when you're home and even when you're holding them?!

Oh my. I have so much to learn about this parenting thing! If you have experience with egg allergy, please let me know. I sure could use any personal advice that's out there! 


  1. How Scary!!! Praying that the Dr. can give you guys answers!!

  2. Oh my goodness! How scary! But try not to beat yourself up, you did hear him and he is ok!

    Egg allergy really stinks though - bread (like you said) and cake? Cake?!?! :) I will also hope he grows out of it. Before this I didn't know egg allergies even existed!

  3. So scary,... even just reading about it :(
    I'm so glad everything worked out, hopefully he'll grow out of his allergy.

  4. I don't know about eggs, but when I was little I was allergic to red food coloring and hay. Whenever I ate it (or in the case of hay, smelled it) I would throw up later in the day or at night. I grew out of it and it doesn't give me any issues now. But it sure was annoying! Can you get him officially tested at his one year appointment? A blood test would be most accurate :-(

  5. Omg!! I'm so sorry and SO glad that he is ok!!!!

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words! We really, REALLY do hope he grows out of it for sure! We won't know anything 100% until the Dr. check-up next month and we'll ask them if we can confirm it for sure. Poor guy. :/


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