Monday, April 1, 2013

The Kitchen!

Laura and Robyn read my mind! I HAVE been wanting to post some photos of our kitchen "before" and "after." That WAS on my spring break "to-do" list, so here are some photos! Unfortunately I didn't plan ahead and take the perfect pictures of the kitchen from every view, but here's a few pictures we snapped right as we were getting started on the work. We can't claim to have done any of the work (besides painting and faucet installation) ourselves, but did A LOT of research on the best prices  yet still getting good quality stuff. We spent half-way between what we WANTED to spend and our LIMIT to spend, so not too bad. :) We're confident (based on what our realtor told us) that when we DO sell the house it should increase the value by around twice of what we spent, so it was worthwhile work to do. We started the work in November and for various reasons didn't finish up until 2 weeks ago.

Here's what we did:
1. Removed the old wall oven and stovetop and installed a regular stainless steel range
2. Got new cabinets built in the place of the old oven and around the new range
3. Did some cosmetic work on the wood piece above the sink to make the lines look cleaner (Does anyone know what that's called? It looks to look very old-fashioned.)
4. Removed old countertops and installed granite
5. Installed drop-in sink and new faucet
6. Purchased and Installed new tile floors

I know with all the white cabinets (and clutter) it doesn't look DRAMATICALLY different, but it's NOT out-of-date anymore and I think I like cooking in it better. I just LOVE not have a tiny and unevenly cooking oven. :-) And floors that actually LOOK clean! The previous white vinyl always looked disgusting no matter how much I scrubbed it!





  1. Love what you did, it looks fabulous!!

  2. I just love stainless steel; everything looks so nice! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Oh thanks! It only took us about 4 months... hehe. :-) Now I better go clean it instead of checking my email! :-)

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  5. Looks great! A lot of older houses have that piece of wood above the window. I've seen a couple blogs where people just took it down. We can completely relate about projects taking months on end. Our defense is that we have 4,000 projects. I don't know what your excuse is though...maybe something to do with you guys having a baby and both working full-time and probably volunteering in a bunch of ministries? ;)

  6. What a big difference...It looks great!


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