Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Photos

Apparently I'm on a blogging role! Here are some photos from Easter Sunday. Isn't Nathaniel's outfit adorable? It was from some friends whose son is about 14 months older than him. They know baby boy style! :-)

We spent Sunday morning at church, then went to my parents' house for Easter Dinner. My grandparents were there along with one of my sisters. It was such a wonderful way to relax and thank Jesus for His amazing sacrifice.

AND my grandpa MADE the wooden truck for the buddy. Can you believe it?! Hand-sanded and everything! Absolutely gorgeous! He also got his first Easter basket from my parents. It included a bunny that hops, makes silly sounds and says "Hoppy Easter." The buddy wasn't sure about it and it actually made him cry at one point. And other times he kissed it. So, I guess he's still undecided on whether or not he likes it.

His first Easter basket

I can't tell if my parents like spending time with him, can you? ;-)

Family Photo... too bad I'm doing the weird chin thing.

More interested in the tag

Unsure of the bunny

But, LOVING the truck! 

It's gorgeous!


  1. Great pictures.. What a handsome family! =)
    That truck is awesome! You have one talented Grandpa!

  2. I LOVE when little boys are dressed in grown-up preppy type clothes. So cute! That truck is beautiful! Hub does woodworking and has dreams of making our kids toys. I'll have to show him this.


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