Saturday, April 20, 2013

11 Months

So serious in this photo! :-)

So, a week ago the buddy turned 11 months old! Dave said to me, "So, is this what parenthood is always like? Always saying, 'I can't believe he's _____ old already!?' Or will there ever be a point where it slows down?" Does anyone know the answer to this question?

Weight & Length: This we aren't really sure of. When we took him to Urgent Care earlier this week and they weighed him on a regular, with and without Dave holding him they told us 18 pounds, which I sure hope is true!

Oh my. The past few nights have been rough. He's in Wonder Week 46 right now and so he's on the fussy side. But, he's still taking 2 naps and other than the past few nights, sleeping through the night.

Loot at me! I'm on the move!
Eating:Well, he's no longer eating eggs, I can say that for sure!! But, he's still eating well considering the fact we think he's also teething. He loves table food, potatoes, chicken, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, tomato, fish, strawberries, blueberries, pretty much anything we give him. :-) He still likes liver too! I think that's a big advantage of not giving him sugar, he's not addicted to it yet. :-)

He's still in cloth diapers. When we traveled he wore disposable Size 3 during the day and Size 4 at night.


He can still fit well in 9 month and 12 months clothes. He can't fit into his 9 month pajamas anymore since we have to really stuff the cloth diapers. hehe

Oh boy! This kid is STUBBORN! He knows what he wants and he goes for it. But, he's also so very sweet. He's snuggly and gives kisses when he wants. And he walks straight for the boxer briefs in the aisle at Target and pulls them off the rack when he wants to. :-) That doesn't mean we're letting him run wild though. But, when it's not destructive we're not too strict.
See!? I can clap! 
When he is well-rested he is a BLAST! He LOVES to laugh, is ticklish and loves to make silly sounds, especially when he knows we'll laugh at him. He's a social butterfly and when we go out in public or out to eat he looks at the action and loves making new "friends." He also gets very excited to see other toddlers his age and little kids, often squealing and "running" toward them. He's busy busy, but so much fun!

Milestones & Firsts:

-Tries to mimic so many things that we do, including trying to snap
-He says "woa" in context
-He sure loves the sound of his own "blubbering," or making sounds with his hand on his mouth so it sounds warbled (is there a name for that?)
-He claps and says "yay!" correctly in context
-He's very responsive to his books, especially "touch and feel," "pop-up" and "lift the flap" books. 
-He responds correctly to the words "jump" and "clap"!
-He says "didi" when he sees Dave, which we suppose means "daddy!"
-First time in a pool!
-He says "dog" and "woof" when we're reading doggie books!
-First (2) hikes... they weren't brilliantly successful
-He repeats us and tries to make the sounds for "thank you," "yeah," and "yes"
-He responds corretly to the word "kiss." Not always to us, but definitely to books and other little kids... and of course, to his reflection in the mirror... ha!
-He has started dancing and shaking his head to the music
-He takes a lot more steps on his own, but still prefers to "cruise," leaning on other objects or people for support.


  1. It never slows down, no :(

    And, oh my word, I could eat him up!! Totally adorable!!

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  3. So cute! I hope everything is settling down after all the tumultuous events of the past weeks, although I am sure it never really 'settles down' when you are a parent. Maybe you will have more time to relax when your school is over? I hope so!


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