Sunday, March 3, 2013

Created 4 Care

So... on Friday I leave for a conference! My first non-Spanish-teacher conference. :-) It's a conference specifically for adoptive  moms! That's ME! :-) It's meant to be a weekend of encouragement, rest and restoration, a way to encourage adoptive mommas and create community among us.

I'm SO excited! I will admit that I often feel isolated as a transracially adoptive family. There is only one other family that "looks" like us at our church and we do kind of stand out in the grocery store and just about anywhere we go. I'm THRILLED this is how God has built our family, but I do sometimes feel like we don't exactly "fit-in." So, it will be so good to be surrounded by other moms who know what this is like and who I can connect with and share stories with. I DO follow A LOT of blogs, but in-person will be so great! I also want to devote more time to pray about how God wants to build our family in the future and I think this conference will be a good jumping-off point.

A week from now I will have gone and returned. I can't wait to share what I've learned and how I've been challenged. And I can't wait to meet more moms like ME! (Is this too selfish?)

I'm going to miss my guys at home so much though! For a whole weekend! But, I will also admit that I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit. Even if that "sleeping in" means 7am. It will be amazingly glorious. :-)

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  1. hi elizabeth! thanks for following us! i have read so many WONDERFUL things about the C4C retreat from a lot of blogs. :) i wanted to go this year, but am saving as much vacation time as i can for our trips to Uganda in the near future. :) i will be anxious to read your thoughts on your time there. blessings, hannah


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