Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Months

Here we are at 10 months! Well, that was actually the 13th. :-) When we look back at pictures and video of him as a baby, or even at 5/6 months we are overwhelmed with how much he has changed!! We only got one "decent" 10 month picture and the rest look horrible. He's just so active!! See below. ;-)

Weight & Length:

I don't know his current weight or length, but at 9.5 months he was 16 lbs 9 oz. An impressive weight gain. :)

Sleeping: He's still sleeping through the night and recently has started "sleeping in" until 6:30! (ha) Since DST we've gotten two mornings of 7am which have been glorious. :-) He still has 2 naps a day, an occasional 3rd nap if necessary. He's always in bed by 6:30/7pm. Tonight it was 6pm because he was clearly over-tired.

This is what most of the pictures look like
Eating: We went from refusing to take a bottle due to teething to what would appear to be a growth spurt! And I'm NOT complaining about it! I am always glad when he eats more. :-)
7am Breakfast -He has a bottle, then fruit, yogurt & oatmeal We've been trying lots of fruits, which has been fun!
At 8-8:30am he gets his vitamins- which is butter and Cod Liver Oil (oh yeah!).
11:15 Lunch - He has a bottle and also breastmilk in a sippy cut. His solids are usually leftovers from dinner. And cheese. :)
3:00pm- Another bottle as a "snack"
5pm- Dinner! He gets milk or broth in a sippy cup along with his solid food. He really, really likes the Earth's Best meat combo dinners, but his favorite is REAL finger foods! Sadly (for us), our diet is not as healthy as his, so it's not as often as I'd like that I can just give him what we're having. He just loves pieces of chicken, cooked veggies, ground beef, etc. Unfortunately I forgot to save him some ground beef before adding the taco seasoning last night. I'm not so sure he's ready for chili powder and cumin quite yet. :)

Still in cloth diapers and disposable size 3.

He's mostly wearing 9 month and 12 month clothes. Maybe because he's taller than he is big, his footie pajamas have to be size 12 months.

The buddy is still happy! But, he's also getting a stubborn streak! He's still loud and fun and makes us smile all the time. His personality is getting more and more fun as he grows up and is able to communicate more with us. The cutest thing is that he has learned how to say "uh oh" in context! Whenever he drops a toy from his playpen or even his spoon from his high chair he says "uh oh." It's funny because I didn't know we said that enough to make it his first official word! I guess all the "ma-ma" and "da-da" we've been saying are not as interesting to him. :)

A-ha! The closest we got to success!

Milestones & Firsts:
- He started clapping! (2/15)
-Started making the "w" sound (2/16)
-Says "da-da" ALL the time, but not to Dave in context yet. :)
-Started loving finger food, especially chicken and cheese
-Took his first steps! (2/28)
-Got his 3rd and 4th teeth
-Can stand alone for minutes at a time
-Takes as many as 8-10 steps!
-First word- "uh-oh"
-He decided he likes his milk cold instead of warm (PRAISE THE LORD! This is a HUGE time saver... no more bottle warmer.. wahoo!) 


  1. I can't believe how big he is getting! He is the the most beautiful little boy. It's sad not to have the perfect shot, but seeing loads of pictures of him having fun and exploring must be wonderful.


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