Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

So, today is Valentine's Day. I actually don't care much about this holiday. As a teen I don't think I ever had a "boy-friend" on this day, so I guess I got bitter about it pretty young. ;-)But really, Dave and I just consider it a Hallmark Holiday, so we don't put a lot of stock into it. ALTHOUGH, the first year we were married Dave surprised me with an amazingly delicious salmon dish for dinner, so I will always remember that day AND that salmon. :-)

Dave works tonight and we trade off childcare duties at the Doctor today (his 9-month visit) right after school, so there's not time for anything "lovey-dovey" like a fancy dinner or anything. We have tickets to the ballet on Saturday (wahoo!), so I guess you could consider that our Valentine's Day date. :-)

To prove how little I thought about Valentine's Day, I totally forgot that I could have worn jeans to work today if I wore a red or pink shirt! Aack! How could I have missed the opportunity to wear jeans!? I am wearing blue pants, a brown sweater and a yellow scarf. How totally unromantic. :/ I feel like Scrooge or something! Ha!

And mostly, today I want to acknowledge all of you that are missing someone on this Valentine's Day. Whether you have lost a loved one, or are waiting for the day you have a spouse or a child, my thoughts and prayers are with you today. Even though you are likely surrounded by love from others, days like today are always a fresh reminder or loss. And even though tv or culture doesn't mention that, I will! You are loved and special even if something or someone is missing for you and I hope that that void will be filled very soon.

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day (I guess). Instead of spending gobs of money on flowers or chocolate today I hope you consider donating to a wonderful charity. In my opinion that would be a better use of money. :-)

9-month Update on the Buddy coming soon! I can hardly believe it! :-)

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