Friday, February 15, 2013

Inspiring Blog Award

I'm a bit behind to report that Jenn over at "That's a Jenn Story" nominated me for the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award! I'm super honored! Especially since she's a serious blogger and writer. I told Dave that she must have felt bad for me, but he told me that my blog IS inspiring! Aww... what a sweet guy.  Anyway, if you don't follow Jenn's blog, you should! Her blog is not only inspiring, but thought provoking and even often funny. :-)

In order to accept my award I have to post this image, tell you 7 random things about myself and nominate 15 other people! Now, I read a LOT of inspiring blogs (mostly about adoption, which I imagine doesn't surprise you), but as far as I know most of these bloggers don't follow me back, SO if you secretly (ie: you never comment) follow this blog and don't get the award, it's likely because I thought you'd never realize you got the award in the first place.

Here are my 7 random things.

1. I brew my own Kombucha. This is a recent hobby and it's so fun! I should share my recipe and show some pictures in the near future.

2. I still enjoy taking ballet class, but I don't go nearly as often as before the buddy came along.

3. I ran a half-marathon about 4 years ago. When I recently went out for a 1.5 mile run I was unbelievably winded and exhausted. :-( It's a goal of this year to get back into shape and running (at least somewhat) regularly.

4. I use parenthetical phrases WAY too much while writing on my blog. (But, you probably already knew that because you read this blog... hehe... notice how I did it again.)

5.  Dave and I are pretty obsessed with watching tv series all the way through on Netflix. We just started The West Wing and just a handful of episodes in and we're addicted!

6. We are members of our Episcopal Church. I was baptized Catholic as an infant, attended a Lutheran church until 2nd grade, then went to a Baptist church from 3rd Grade-high school. AND I went to a pretty charismatic church for one year in high school. So, I think I am familiar with quite a few denominations of Christianity. :-)

7. In the spring of my high school year I found out I was a finalist for the Presidential Scholarship at one of my top colleges. During the interview that weekend the final question they asked me was, "Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?". I answered with, "I like to think I'm funny." I'm pretty sure that answer is what got me the scholarship. :-)

And now for the 15 bloggers I nominate for the "Inspiring Blogger Award!" Although some of these ladies are going through tough, tough stuff, I am still inspired by their strength and courage. So, in whatever capacity, you ladies and your writing inspires me! :-) (And I won't be offended if you don't post anything to your blog that I nominated you for an award. I promise.) :-)

1. Jill at "Adding a Burden: Our Journey to Adoption (& Parenting) Joy"

2. Hannah at "Everything Sunny Always"

3. Kimmie at "Fresh Entity."

4. Suzy at "I Am Simply Suzy."

5. Ducky at "I'm Just Ducky, Thanks!"

6. Becky at "Lessons from an Infertile Social Worker"

7. April at "Ours to Love"

8. C.N. at "Team Harries Beats Infertility" - I just found this blog!

9. Jessa at "The Anderson Way of Life"

10. Leslie at "The Journey Through Life" 

11. Jennifer at "The Wayman Family Nest"

12. BabyBlueSunday at "Trisomy 18 Loss"

13. Rachel & Aaron at "Kellys in Guatemala"

14. Wynne at "Elder Adventures"

15. Laurie at "Adoption Creates Families"

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