Sunday, February 24, 2013

9 Months

The buddy turned 9 months old last Thursday, February 13th. I truly still can't believe I am a mom, let alone the mom of a 9 month old! Whew! We've had some big milestones recently that already seem so normal, like eating finger foods and pulling himself up on EVERYTHING!

I'm finally writing about all the GOOD things about the buddy's 9th month! The past week has been VERY stressful with him teething and not wanting to eat/drink much at all, and us feeling like he needs to gain weight for the Doctor's visit next week (it has been rescheduled for the 5th). I go between being totally freaked out about his weight and worried that something is wrong, to feeling confident about him ability to tell us when he's full and that it's fine that he's on the 3rd percentile of the WHO chart. Today I'm feeling a bit better, but he's been taking his bottle slightly better than at the end of the week. Whew!

Anyway, here's the good stuff. :-)

Weight & Length:
HA! Well, right at 9 months he weighed 15 lbs, 13 oz, but I hope that when we get his weight checked again it will be over 16 lbs. But, the poor guy hasn't been wanting to eat or drink much with his gums so swollen. :(

He is 27" long! I can't believe that's almost a foot longer than when we brought him home!

Sleeping:He's still sleeping through the night, but still waking up at 6am or so. :) He's definitely down to 2 naps a day and thankfully his sleep hasn't been disrupted (much) by teething. 

Eating: Well, we've added more high-calorie foods to his diet since he turned 9 months old. But, during his 9th month he was taking 4 bottles a day and 3 solid food meals a day. He had 4-6 oz at each feeding, with a total of 20-25 oz. of milk and 6 oz of baby food a day. I think the total formula/breastmilk went down so much because he started eating more solids, but in retrospect he should have been eating more! :/

Still in cloth diapers and disposable size 3.

He wears all kinds of sizes, from 6-9 months, 9 months, 6-12 months and even some 12 months clothes, although those are still a little big on him. :) We just roll up the sleeves a bit and they're just fine.

He's SOO happy overall! He's constantly smiling and laughing and talking. He's also pretty stubborn. We're trying to teach him "no" in terms of not getting into things, but he's definitely testing the limits. :-) He is quite a babbler, talking away and imitating our sounds so well! It's so fun to see him get excited about things and kick and squeal.

Milestones & Firsts:
- Makes the "m" sound clearly and says "mama"
- He LOVES yogurt!
-He pulls himself up ALL the time, on the couch, chairs, the wall, etc.
-He started drinking from the sippy cup.
-He stands by himself often, for up to 30 seconds at at time!
-He not only started pulling himself to standing in his crib, but also learned how to get back down on his own. (We only had a FEW nights of him puling up and screaming for us to get him back down.)
- He's speeding around in his walkers now!
-He started feeding himself finger foods (puffs, ground beef, cheese)
-He LOVES giving big, open mouth kisses to us and his stuffed animals. SO cute! :)
-He LOVES getting tossed around. He squeals and squeals.
-His hair got curly! 


  1. Every now and then I just have to scroll through N's pictures to get my N fix. I miss you guys!


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