Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why I'm (attempting to) avoid facebook

A couple of weeks ago my status update was that I will be trying to avoid facebook temporarily and will be posting photos and news about us to our blog instead of to fb. While I haven't been updating my facebook page, I HAVE still checked it. Which is stupid. Because checking facebook is why I wanted to avoid it in the first place!!

In case you're dying to know, here are a few reasons why I've decided to avoid facebook, at least more than I used to. I know you can unsubscribe from peoples' newsfeeds, but it has gotten to the point that I hardly know what's going on with anyone anymore because I have had to block so many people (mostly about the political stuff sadly enough).

1. Over-sharing drives me crazy.
Whether it on the bragging or the complaining end it just gets old to me. Of course it's the same people that brag or complain about the same things all the time. I'm torn on this because I 100% understand that vulnerability and openness are important. But, some things may just be too much. Sure, sometimes I'm jealous of people who are always talking about how great their lives are, but it's also annoying.The complaining bothers me because it's certainly not people with cancer (or other life tragedies) complaining on facebook, it's people complaining about their hair or the weather. So, sometimes it just gets tiring to hear the little annoyances of people's lives.

2. Ultrasound & Bare-belly Pregnancy photos
I understand why people post these things. I really do. I'll admit that part of the reason I don't love seeing these photos on facebook is jealousy and the fact that they bring back infertility pain. Of course I wish I could have a baby growing inside me and the ability to take a photo and share it with the world. 

BUT, even more than that, sometimes it's these things that remind me that the lines between public and private are too blurred these days. I totally understand why these photos are exciting and wonderful! And when close friends and family are pregnant I want to see these photos. But, not from every acquaintance I have on facebook. If you are reading this and you've posted these, I don't say this to make you feel bad. Just to explain my point of view. Again, I really don't mind this stuff in real life or even on people's blogs. But, I was surprised by a first-trimester ultrasound photo at least every-other-day recently by people announcing their pregnancies and it got to the point where it just hurts too much. :/

3. Hateful Political Postings
I think this is the worst and is the biggest reason I'm trying to avoid facebook. It's shocking to me how much hate people have for each other just because they have different political views. Yikes! It makes me sad, but it also makes me angry. I just want to shout that no one has EVER come to another point of view by being belittled or ridiculed. I think reading these posts on fb is what has convinced me I cannot associate with one party over another until there's a whole lot more love and compromise and a whole lot less name-calling.

4. Come on people!? Stop ruining my shows! ;-)

We don't have cable. We DO have a tv antennae, but I do not want to spend my Sunday evenings watching Downton Abbey when it's one of the only evenings Dave and I have together (and not surprisingly he's not a fan)! So, I postpone it and watch it on Wednesday nights when he has choir practice. But, this week's episode was totally ruined by all the facebook status updates about the show. Tear. :'(

That's not really a huge reason, but I was reminded of it tonight, when the HUGE shock of Downton Abbey was not at all a shock. Sigh. :-)

So, there you have it. And really, facebook is a time-waster for me. It DOES let me see cute pictures of people, their families and their activities. And sometimes people write funny or very interesting things too. And actually, I LOVE it when people share interesting articles! But, mostly I find myself on there when I should be doing something else. And in all honesty I'm MUCH more into people's stories rather than short snippets of their lives. Which is why I prefer to follow blogs.

Anyway, I won't disappear on facebook. But that doesn't make me any less annoyed with it either. hehe :-)


  1. Cousin David. Not a fan of Downton Abbey? MY husband watches it with me, and quite likes it! ;) (You might have to not tell him I said that, though . . . )

  2. @Jenn- There is definitely the potential of him getting into it, which is why he kind of refuses to watch it. He watched the entire second episode of this season and said there were too many people so it stressed him out. He prefers to watch documentaries. You won't be surprised to hear that Monday night when I got home from the gym he was watching a documentary about a Down's Syndrome couple that got married and he was getting teary. :)

  3. I dropped FB for the same reasons. Well, mostly because of the bragging, the pregnancy stuff, and the massive waste of time (on my end). I feel that there is something wrong with people being able to portray the best of their lives and leave out the rest. It made me feel weird and unhappy so I kicked Fb out of of my life.

    On another note, have you read the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker? I think you would really like it. Check it out if you get the chance :-)

  4. I don't disagree with your reasoning...Go Blogs! =)


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