Saturday, January 12, 2013

THIS happened today!

The buddy has been trying so hard to crawl for about a month now and he succeeded TODAY! I have a feeling we're going to regret working so much with him to get him to crawl since we're going to spend all of our time chasing him around now. I think I'm about to be burning calories a lot faster. ;-) Especially now that he's down to 2 instead of 3 naps a day. These evenings are going to get CRAZY! :-)

The buddy is going to be ElGHT months old tomorrow! AH! Time is passing too quickly and he's growing so fast!! Did you know he started rolling over at 11 days old? Anyway, here's a video of him at 2 weeks doing just that. :-) I can't believe he was ever this little! I just want to freeze time and remember every stage so very clearly. Thank goodness for digital camera

Please try to disregard the annoying woman's voice (umm... mine) in each of these videos! And why we thought that playing loud salsa music for our newborn was such a good idea I don't remember. hehe...

And welcome if you're joining us from facebook and want to stay in contact. I may write more about why I've decided to take a step back from fb in the future, but for now you just get these adorable videos. :-)


  1. Sooo cute! I knew it wouldn't be long when I saw him up on all fours at Christmas! It looks like so much work for him right now!! Haha! Now you guys are going to have to be on your toes at all times!!!!

  2. We're always so excited for them to be mobile. And then they are. And it's exciting for a short time. Then much harder ;) Burn those calories, mama!

  3. Yes, it will be QUITE interesting! I think it's time to get a baby gate for the 2 stairs down to the bonus room. And maybe a "baby cage". hehe :-)


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