Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just a short video post :-)

Today the buddy turned 8 months old! I don't have time to post the monthly update today, but I wanted to share this super cute video of him in his new favorite toy running in circles. :-) 

Can you tell I finally figured out how to upload videos to YouTube from our video camera? I have to say, it wasn't easy and I'm NOT stupid, I promise! :-) I don't know whether it's our software or our camera, but it was a frustrating process. BUT, I'm glad to say that I'll likely be posting many more videos since I've now figured it out. :-)

And why not? Here's another one from about a month ago, when he really discovered his voice. :-)


  1. Aww... thanks! And I'm praying your be watching your little one grow up before you know it! :-)

  2. What an awesome toy!! It looks like sooo much fun!! I think he was playing the keyboard and singing a song! He'll be composing before you know it!!

  3. What is that toy called? I've never seen one but it looks awesome. Does it work on carpet?

  4. @Laura- I looked it up and found a similar thing on Amazon!
    You'd think more toy companies would make their own version of this because it's so awesome, but it's the only one I found online. Some friends of my parents actually gave it to us for free, so I really had no idea what it was called! It's SO fun! He loves it! AND it's perfect to put him in when I'm working in the kitchen, since it keeps him contained. :-)
    I have no idea if it works on carpet though. We have all tile/laminate/wood floors, and just 2 area rugs. We could try it on the area rugs today and let you know how that goes though. :-)


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