Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eight Months!

These photos make it look MUCH easier than it was!
It took both of us to get him to sit still for just ONE second!
The buddy turned eight months old on Sunday! He's been a busy boy!

I'm obviously late in posting this. Dave was out of town the first week of January for his doctoral program. Part of that time the buddy had a cold and I actually had to miss a couple days of school because not only was Dave out of town, BUT my mom was also sick! What are the odds? ;-)

Then, poor Dave got a nasty cold the day he returned home. :/ He's still as helpful as can be, but I've been trying to let him rest and sleep as much as possible. But, of course he's still working and BUSY as ever! How can we simultaneously look forward to summer when we both have much more time off and dread it because our little guys will be over a YEAR old then!? AH!!

Weight & Length: We actually have no idea. I guess I should try the "stand on the scale both WITH and WITHOUT him and see what the bathroom scale says tomorrow when I drop him off at my parents' house. (Our scale is not digital).
We lowered the mattress for this active guy!

Sleeping: This has been the worst month of sleeping yet! Not sure what all the cause is, but we're in the middle of the 3-2 nap transition right now and it's kind of tricky. About a month ago he actually started waking up in the middle of the night and playing in his crib for over an hour before falling back asleep! This isn't a tragedy, but it WAS exhausting for us since there's no sleeping with a squealing baby right across the hall. :-)

After lots of experimentation we realized he likely didn't need the third nap anymore since his first 2 naps were usually 2-2.5 hours a day, so we've tried cutting out the third nap. This also means that he generally goes to bed at 6/6:30pm and is up at 6/6:30am. Which isn't ideal for several reasons (since we both work we both have to be up and ready before the buddy gets up for the day and then I drop him off elsewhere 3 days a week around 9am, and there's no way he can stay up that long without a nap), BUT it's better than being awake for an hour in the middle of the night. :) I'm pretty sure that this whole "baby" thing means that as soon as you figure something out they go and change on you. ;-)
Seriously. Could a face get any cuter!?

Eating: He's been eating like a champ the past couple of weeks! It's fun to see him try lots of new foods. I'm sure a lot of other babies his age eat more than he does, but I was SUPER impressed when he almost completely finished a 4 oz jar of baby food the other night! Surprisingly enough it was a sweet potato, chicken and apricot mix. We're trying to get him to eat more protein/meat, so I was pleased. :-)

We're still on a (mostly) 4-hr. schedule. Although it looks different from last month since he's waking up so early!

6:30am- Wake up and play in his crib until his "Designated Wake Time"
7-7:30am- Wake up & Eat (He's been having an entire EIGHT ounce bottle at this time and eating fruits and yogurt really well here.)
8:45/9am- Nap

11:30 (or so)- Wake up & Eat (This bottle is also 5-8 oz! Woo! Then he has some veggies with fruit and/or meat.)
1-1:30pn- Nap

3-4pm or so - Dinner! (Another big bottle & some meat & veggies)

He sometimes has a short (15-30 min) nap and extra bottle in the evening, but the past week or so he's been getting ready for bed between 5:45 and 6pm and out like a light by 6:30/6:45. His bedtime bottle is about 5-8 oz.)

When he was teething he had around 20 oz of breastmilk/formula a day, but he's closer to 30 right now! It might be a growth spurt, but we'll go with it. :-) I can't wait to see how much he weighs!
"Awww... you're sweet. I do believe I AM adorable!"

Diapers: We still do Cloth Diapers for the most part. Except when our washer broke and it took a few weeks to (successfully) get a new one. I think he's pretty near the end of Size 2 disposables and into Size 3!

Clothing:! This kid got the CUTEST clothes for Christmas!! I LOVE it! He's wearing mostly 6-9 month and 9 month clothes. AND some 6-12 month stuff.

Personality: I will continue to say it, but the buddy is LOUD! It seems like he's always either squealing with delight or screaming in tears. There's no doubt about how he's feeling. :) He's laughing more and more, which is so fun to see! He also definitely recognizes us and other familiar faces. It's so fun to see him break out into such a huge smile when we get home from work, or even come see him from another room. He's absolutely precious! :-)

He's also as active as can be. I think I took about 50 pictures trying to get him to pose for his 8 month picture. He is on the MOVE and won't sit still for a minute, unless he's completely engaged in his toys. I will say that when playing on his own he looks like a little mechanic, intently focused on whatever he's "working" on. 

Milestones & Firsts:

Now THIS captures his personality. :)
-Right after turning 7 months he started getting on all 4's and rocking.
-Started making very pronounced and clear "b" sounds and saying "ba, ba, ba"
-He met his birthfather for the first time (and so did we!)
-First Christmas! SOO much fun for this (spoiled) little guy.
-Started sticking out his tongue
-He started shaking his head like he's dancing to the music.
-He gives huge open mouth kisses when one of us puckers up to get a kiss!
-He started crawling! I'm sure you already saw the video. ;-)
-He started making the "m" sound and it sounds like he's saying "mom." Of course he doesn't say it in relation to me or anything. He can just say the sound now.
-He LOVES walking through the house with his push-walkers. He just needs to be supervised very closely because he still doesn't know that if he lets go he will tumble to the ground. :)


  1. He is just the most adorable little boy! I love him!


    But it sounds like a good time to teach him some laws of physics! Let him let go of the pushwalker and fall to the ground! :)

  3. I'm amazed that he's walking with walkers!! Wow!

  4. Mean aunt, mean, mean aunt.

    Love it all! Love him!!


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