Sunday, December 16, 2012

7 Months Already!

On Thursday our sweet buddy turned 7 months old! Here's what he's been up to. :)

Weight & Length: Since we space out the buddy's vaccines he went to the Dr. this week and weighs 14 lbs 10 oz, so not as much weight gain as we'd like. :/ We have no idea what his height is though.

Sleeping: Ah, well, we've regressed in this area in past month due to teething! There were a few nights there where he woke up several times in the night and wasn't so easily soothed back to sleep, so we all got pretty tired around here! He even started needing to eat again in the night, which he hadn't done in 4 months! Because of teething we discovered that eating was uncomfortable for him so he wasn't eating as much during the day and needed to eat more at night. So, we added in the Dream Feed again and gave him an extra feeding before we headed to bed (around 10:30pm) and that has helped him sleep until morning again. :)

Eating: Again, teething kind of made this a rough month for that. Poor little guy. He went from eating 25-30 oz a day to eating 20-23oz a day for a few weeks. Which is why we added the Dream Feed back in! He's back up to 25-30oz a day including the Dream Feed, so we'll keep it for now. :-) Like I said at the start, he didn't gain a whole lot of weight in the last month, so we're ok with feeding him as much as we can get in. :-)

We're also (for the most part) rocking the 4-hr. eating schedule. This means fewer bottles to wash! We're attempting a more simplified schedule. It doesn't always look like this, but it's what we're aiming for.

7:30am- Wake up & Eat (bottle & solids)
9:15- Nap

11:30 (the goal)- Wake up & Eat (bottle)
1:15ish- Nap

3-4pm or so - Dinner! (bottle & solids)
5pm catnap

7pm- Start bedtime routing including bath & bottle
7:30- Asleep? Maybe? haha...

10:30pm- Dream Feed

It (of course) doesn't always look like this, but it's the goal. Today his first 2 naps were just about an hour instead of two, so he took his catnap early, but it ended up being over 2 hours long! So, we also just go with what he needs.

He has also cut down on solids. Since he's not drinking as much we're having to give him the bottle before offering solids and so by then he's not eating too much. Although his favorite food so far seems to be a yogurt and apple combo. :-) And sweet potatoes. 

Diapers: We still do Cloth Diapers. BumGenius 4.0 are our favorites and we also have some MG Baby ones that we like as well. We rarely use disposables anymore. (He's not at dayschool anymore, but is watched by our dear friend once a week! It should be noted that this means he gets to hang out with his baby girl-friend once a week now.) :-)

Clothing: He's still wearing some 3-6 month and 6 month clothes, but is wearing more 6-9 month sizes too! Which is interesting since apparently he only gained 6 oz. since my last post.

Personality: Other than a few rough teething days the buddy is as happy as ever! We love finding new ways of making him laugh. He's so much fun and so social. We're lucky parents.

Milestones & Firsts: 
-He started scooting backwards! He's especially fast on the wood floors because they're so easy to slide on. :-)
-He recognizes and responds to his name.
-He got his first two (bottom) teeth!
-He's tried drinking from a straw in a sippy cup and does pretty well.
-He also likes drinking water from our glasses, so we let him try. This also leads to him trying to grab and drink out of people's beer glasses in social situations. Ha! Whoops!
-He tried turkey, peas, avocados, zucchini squash, apples and yogurt all for the first time.
-He's trying to crawl, but the lurching just looks silly. He can't go forward yet, but he can sure scoot backward!
-He's discovered "how to play" the piano and it's quite adorable.
-Of course, the adoption was finalized and he's legally our son! AH! SO EXCITING! :-)

Note that the sign has had to be moved behind him because otherwise it goes straight into his mouth!

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  1. Yay! Such fun news. Has he like the apple/yogurt combo again since that morning that i had good luck with it? He is the most cute and sweet baby on the planet and I miss him so much! Oh and you guys are pretty good parents too, I guess... :)


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