Sunday, November 4, 2012

Today is Orphan Sunday!

Today is Orphan Sunday! I don't feel like the buddy is or ever was ever an orphan as he was carried by a loving mother who chose an adoption plan for him because she believed it to be the best for him. And he's been loved by us from the moment we found out about him!

But as an advocate for adoption, I can't go without mentioning the significance of today. As Christians, God has called us to take care of the widows and orphans and there is SO much more we can all do to help the plight of the 150 million orphans worldwide. Whether it's by supporting those who choose to adopt children without parents, adoption a child yourself, supporting organizations that help orphans, etc. the possibilities are endless!

I know I've been convicted today about my selfishness and focusing on my own comfort instead of on those in need. I sure need days like today to remind me that the world is a WHOLE LOT bigger than me and what's going on in my own life. So, please consider what you can do to help an orphan today, and really any day of the year! :-)

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