Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Months!? When did THAT happen!?

    This past weekend the buddy turned FIVE whole months old! AH! Where is the time going!? I feel like I want time to slow down, but really, I think I just need to get a lot better about living in the moment!

As the buddy turned five months, we also decided we would start some solid food. It was a pretty hilarious adventure for us (apparently pretty traumatic for him though!). He tried boiled egg yolk. Sound strange? Well, we ARE doing this out of the ordinary. We're not starting with the typical rice cereal, but instead are following the Weston A Price/Nourishing Traditions plan. It starts with egg yolk and possible mashed banana from 4-6 months, then moves to pureed meats, vegetables and fruits at 6 months and doesn't introduce grains until he's a year old. We looked into a few solid food "strategies," including Baby Led weaning, and decided that this was the closest to how we try to eat OURSELVES (emphasis on try, cough, cough), so we wanted to stick with the most nutrient dense plan we could find. I have yet to cook the egg perfectly, so I'm hoping part of his distaste has to do with that, but in just about 3 weeks we'll be adding some veggies, so I'm excited for that "first" as well. :)

Interested and/or curious? This article pretty much sums it up.

Can I just say that coupon shopping for baby food pretty much combines two of my passions perfectly!? Helping the buddy AND couponing in one trip!? YES PLEASE! I've promised myself that I'll be making my own baby food in the future, but this working mom has stocked up with the help of coupons for the next couple of months! Although I plan on having some marathon baby-food making over Christmas break. I'm so glad we have a deep-freezer. :-)

SO close to being an independent sitter! He loses his balance quite quickly. :)


  1. Cute pics! What a fun new adventure with the food. . . enjoy!! =)

  2. I remember when I was a nanny and the parents and I introduced the baby to meat for the first time. (We did the rice-first approach, of course--this was quite some time ago.) He SCREAMED bloody murder--which kind of made us wonder if people really ARE supposed to be vegetarians . . .

    He's 17 or so now, though, and I'm pretty sure he's your typical red-blooded, meat-eating American male by this time!

  3. Thank you so much for reading my blog! Your son is ADORABLE!!!

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